Modding Dreamcast arcade stick for xbox 360


First time poster, long time reader…

I’m going to attempt my first mod tonight after being inspired by some of the excellent examples on this forum. I’m going to mod an xbox 360 wired controller into a dreamcast arcade stick.

I have a couple of questions i was hoping someone could answer:

  1. The arcade stick buttons have an ‘ground’ that is daisy-chained between the 7 buttons and then enter the dreamcast PCB as a single grey wire. However the xbox 360 pad has individual grounds for each button. Is it just a simlpe case of undoing the daisy-chaining and putting each ground to the 360 PCB as the pad does?

  2. I haven’t opened the 360 pad yet but is it an easy job to detach the headset socket and have it where the VMU slot is?

Thanks, any comments welcomed!

Running two wires to each button is the easiest way if you want a dedicated 360 stick.