Modding for compatibility


Hey guys.

I’m looking to buy a secondary fightstick, a cheapish crappy one, and mod the hell out of it. Buttons, stick, gate, etc is pretty simple.
But I’m wondering if there is any way to mod a sticks compatibility so that it will work with PC, Xbox, and PS3. Any ideas?



Additional Info required
What stick do you have now?


Cheap joysticks will generally cost more money and time to mod them to make them better than it would buying a gently-used Hori HRAP joystick or Mad Catz TE… The Hori and Mad Catz joysticks are the most reliable mass-production Asian joysticks on market. With everything else you’re pretty much taking a chance on PCB failure in the near-future. That’s the general case more often than not with grey market product.

“Cheap” and triple-compatible joysticks are an oxymoron. Triple-compatible joysticks start at $150 if you want any level of quality. The PCB’s on these are still a dicey proposition with higher levels of failure than the licensed product.

You just aren’t going to a quality joystick for much less than $150 that supports PS3/360/PC compatibility out of the box. If you can find a used Qanba Joystick – very rare since the main reason for their popular is triple compatibility --, then maybe you’d be able to get it for $110-$120 used. The Qanba does use Sanwa parts. Qanba’s have also been manufactured with Seimitsu parts installed, too.

The $55 joysticks that do support triple-compatibility are not the best quality and generally have to be ordered from overseas which can jack up the price up to at least $80 with shipping unless a domestic vendor has the joystick in stock. Again, you really wouldn’t be saving anything buying and gutting a joystick like that to install higher-quality parts. No guarantees that Japanese parts would fit into a Mayflash/Paewang joystick, either… they’re Korean cases and those generally are not made to mount Japanese parts without serious modifications… They also don’t generally have the best reputations to begin with, either…


I already have a TE stick and I don’t want to mod it really. I like it just how it is.
I want a secondary stick as kind of a project that I can work on and mod, even if the modding is necessary for it to perform as well as my TE. Compatibility isn’t really necessary, I was just mainly intrigued as to how you would go about putting in that kind of feature yourself. I would straight up buy a Qanba 3-in-1 or something, but they’re really hard to come by in the UK… What other sticks perform as well as the TE and work on all 3 formats?


Etokki Omni… but that’s about as far away from the UK as you can get.


You’re probably better off picking up a cheap $50ish stick (like a Madcatz SE) and modding that. Throw in a Cthulu or PS360+ board for functionality on PC, xbox360, and ps3, and go nuts.

But honestly, it’s probably easier just to dual-mod your current TE as it is. It already has most of the parts you’ll need, and you’d just need to throw in a new PCB or additional ones.


Do you guys think that a Madcatz SE (or similar stick) with buttons and joystick modded, would perform just as well?
If so, anyone know of a cheapish one that’s pretty heavy like a TE?


Nope. SE is smaller, more compact, and lighter. If you want heavier cases, you either need to buy a stand alone case, buy a $100+ case (at which point you might as well just buy a new stick), or build your own.

I don’t get it. You have a TE, and yet you want a dual-modded stick that’s heavy like the TE. Seems like a pretty obvious choice to simply mod your TE. All that’s required is a few basic hand tools, armed with the knowledge that righty-tighty and lefty-loosey, and you are literate in English, and you can pull it off.