Modding hori mini fight stick

I just got the Hori Mini fight stick

But the square gate isn’t working for me. Is it possible to put this into it?

Not without some modding, Be prepared to get the drill and a dremel out

I’m not good at that stuff.

Someone is selling their SFIV TE stick with an octagon gate installed in my area. He wants 160. In your opinion is that worth it?

Definitely not worth it.

What should I get if I want a serious arcade stick but don’t want to spend a fortune? Honestly this hori stick is good. I bought it because I didn’t want to fully commit to a stick before I knew I was good on it or not. It’s just that I cannot pull of certain things with this square gate. I looked up prices on amazon and used sticks tend to be a hundred or more.

If money is a real issue, stay with your current stick. Honestly, a few weeks with that square gate and you won’t even notice the difference. I made the same transition. It’s tough at first, but eventually you’ll get used to it.

How did you deal with having to pull out supers/ultras really fast? I seem to have a problem in that I either jump or pull of a dp instead. It’s like I’m still using a d-pad.

Don’t ride the gate. Learn to not ride the gate doing QCFs

The Hori Mini isn’t worth it at all, PERIOD. There is a reason I do not bother reviewing it on the What stick to buy thread.

If the TE was brand-spanking new yeah it be worth $160. But since it is used, its one of the older problem having TEs which mostly likely no longer stock. The highest I accept for it is maybe $70, $60 is more reasonable depending on the condtion.

Sad part is, this hobby isn’t cheap and there no el-chepo way to break into it. A good retail stick goes for $80 to $200 and up (not including any deals or sales).
Keep in mind alot of sellers on eBay and Amazon are price gouging because they feel the Market will bear.
My Rule of thumb for sticks is avoid everything with a price tag near $50 and below.

A custom DIY stick can start at $200, and thats assuming you own all the tools you will need.


“Don’t ride the gate. Learn to not ride the gate doing QCFs”

That a thousand times over.

I bit because the guy broke and gave it to me for a 100. That may be a bit more but considering there are no retailers that sell sticks and barely any in my area are for sale it was more cost effective than buying online. Also I really can’t justify spending 200 on a stick. I don’t play at a high competitive level.

The octagon definitely helps and the stick looks to be in great condition.

Square gate is the most recommended for new players and the vast amount of pros only play on square gates.
You can try a Octagonal gate but don’t get in a habit of riding the gate, Its also harder to hit directly up, down left and right on a Octagonal gate.

I really hope you knew they guy, as $100 for someone elses handy down can be steep, even in good condition there could be alot of wear and tear.

I can always practice on the Hori. But I have a hard enough time performing moves as it is.

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I bought one of those little Hori Minis for my daughter because of the size but i used it on AE and it wasn’t half bad…My go to fightstick is a Hitbox tho…I use to own a SCV TE but I felt with the JLF there was too much wasted motion in my throws…I tried a Octo gate but still wasn’t feeling it so I switched…but a average hitbox is on the high end and it takes some getting use to…

It’s back and forth with me. At times I feel like it’s great and almost an extension of me. Everything hits and im beating people with more than twice my score. Then other times I have a hard time even inputting a fireball and I lose to low level players.

Not sure what it is.

It’s going to be that way for a while. As others have said, don’t ride the gate. Just try and make your motions a little tighter. Pretend there’s a smaller octagonal gate within the square gate. Go in practice mode and try and pull of motions 20 times on each side. It’s boring, but you’ll get it.

The octagon gate came out to be a training wheel for me to use the square gate. I’ve become used to sticks now. The only problem I have, besides still not be able to execute complex combos, is dashing. I’m also in a deficit when playing on the right side.