Modding Hori V3 SA to work with PS4/Universal


Hello, I’m new to this and first time posting. Hoping to get some help with modding my stick.

I have a Hori V3 SA for the PS3, which is broken and no longer detected by the PS3.

I’m looking to upgrade the PCB and mod it for use with the PS4, as well as PC/other consoles. I read good things about the Brook Universal adapter, but I’m not very aware of how to actually mod it, and if it would work with the V3 SA.****

I’m new to this, and have a lot of questions.

If I’m not mistaken, for the VLX, you can get something from Jansen called a EZ MOD which replaces the stock PCB.
Is there something like this for the V3 SA, and does the Brook adapter replace the stock V3 SA PCB?

Also, would I have to solder anything, or is everything connected by pins? I haven’t opened up the V3 SA yet.

Another question, I see that the new Hori sticks have a thick anti-slip mat. Is there any similar material (in thickness and quality/feel) available that I can add to my V3 SA?

What would be the proper and painless way to change the stock PCB and mod it for my needs?
Thanks for reading, and hope to mod my stick properly!