Modding Horizon Fighting Stick 3 and Cthulhu PS3/PC

I’m pretty new at the moding craze but, I need some guidance if anyone could help? I plan on use cthulhu and I’m a bit confused about how to wire it properly; start, select, etc

This Chart should help:

Same logic applies to the other buttons.

What about the start and select buttons? Either way you have been a big help!!!

I left out the turbo button.

Same as before. Connect a Ground wire to one side, and then connect a wire from the Start terminal to the other side of the button. Unless if you’re not using arcade pushbuttons, then it may be a bit tougher.

Cthulhu doesn’t support Turbo, so you won’t be able to use that.

Yea it’s not push buttons it’s the stock smaller buttons at the top! Its a addition to the pcb with solder points connected. I was thinking I can desolder those off and try to connect them. Trial and error I guess lol

I believe you mean Hori Fighting Stick 3, not "Horizon."

Yea iPhone autocorrect is awesome lol

Does anyone know how to get the hori turbo panel to work with a none common pcb

Cut the Traces for Turbo and Home and Start and Select.
Solder two wires for each of those Inputs.
Each two wires then go to the PCB.

Thanks I appreciate it. I’ll put up a pic of the finished incredible hulk moded stick lol