Modding HRAP2 for xbox 360

Hi guys,

I haven’t had much luck finding a convertor to use my HRAP on the 360 so I m going to try my hand at swapping out the insides with a prehacked 360 pad.

I don’t know much about doing this, what parts do I need to get and any hints on how to do this?

Any help, much appreciated.

You don’t need any parts if the pad is prehacked. Just read my tutorial on how to mod an HRAP2 to learn how to open it up, disconnect the wires, take out the PCB, then put in the new PCB and connect the wires from the 360 pad to the buttons/ stick. Also, keep in mind that unless your prehacked 360 pad comes with a JLF harness, you’ll need to desolder it from the HRAP2 PCB and solder it back on to the 360 pcb.

It may be worth mentioning that you could also just order a new JLF harness.

Thanks for the help guys, I will try getting my hands on a pre-hacked pad and harness and see how it goes.

so with SFIV coming up , i dont want to shell out $$$ on a new stick,
i currently have a hrap2, which i use on pc for sf3,

is it a messy procedure to change pcb to a wired 360 one ? [will wireless one not work?]
im assuming this will then easily work on pc aswell ?

any threads? i tried searching.


A wireless 360 pcb will be more work than getting a wired one. You will have to make an extra hole on the case to mount a sync button. Plus the whole battery issue is such a pain.

With the wired pad you’re going to have one less button being used unless you drill a hole on the CP or the actual case to mount a Back button. I find there’s really no use for a back button so I use select as the Guide button and Start as Start. To back out of menus just hit the guide button and B.

so is it just a case of taking out the hrap2 pcb and soldering the wires on to the xbox 360 wired pcb? [il avoid wireless]

thanks for the response !

What does all that mean ?

would it be easier to dual mod?

lol, can’t be “easier” to dual mod, will be a bit more work but well worth it though.