Modding HRAP2

I just got my HRAP2 in the mail and I’m thinking about modding it with Sanwa buttons. In the HRAP FAQ it says that Snap in buttons are recommended over screw ins, but no one seems to be selling snap ins atm. Should I wait until ponyboy starts selling snap ins, or would I still be able to fit screw in buttons into it? Help would be appreciated.

Snap-ins are recommended because if you use screw-ins, the nut will not fit on the button closest to the joystick because of how little space there is between them. If you have screw-ins you can just sand the nut down and it will fit.

Or you could get snap-ins from

I recommend Lizard Lick Amusements. I just received 6 Sanwa 30mm snap in buttons for $2.50 a piece earlier this week. They have good prices and ship their merchandise out promptly.

what i did was use 6 screw ins and 2 snap ins o_O. and yea id recommend lizardlick as well. my sanwa’s for my HRAP2 was from them. Super fast shipping.

Do what what urth did. My Hrap2 has all screw-ins. I had to ghetto rig the the one button next to the stick by wedging something in between the cp and the button screw. It works but I’ll change it out for a snap in soon. Just do it the correct way bu using snapin and screw in.

Thanks for the advice. Looks like I’ve got a few options to work with.

changing the color of the HRAP2 switches

i need some advice of how to change the hrap switches to another color. i planning to change the switch colors from red to white. can someone please help me out? i need suggestions like if i need primer paint and/or what type of spray paint including the brand. it would be nice if some one has a tutorial. PMing me would be fine too.

anybody find the quick disconnects and plate screws a bitch to get out?

you’ll definitly get use to it.

Yeah I actually broke one of the prongs trying to get a qd off once :annoy: Tried to get the plate screws off and just gave up after 15 minutes :rofl:

Elitericerocket, if you need help modding your HRAP2 PM me, I’ve got quite a bit of experience now modding those things lol.

You can use screw-ins on the HRAP2 but you need to use yellow seimitsu nuts. Ask The Real Neo Geo to get you some.