Modding in the UK


Us brits, its sad to say, often miss out on a lot. We get our games slower and things are just generally harder to come by.

Here lies my problem. Im intending to mod up my SE stick, I think Ive managed to find a supplier for sanwa parts in the UK (Which was difficult enough). But the issue is the art work. Ive sorted out the image I want and Ive made my template but… now what?

Office suppliers dont seem to do “lamilabel” prints like they do in the US. A4 labels are pretty much impossible to find and the only laminated A4 paper is generally photo paper, which isnt really what Im looking for.

I really want to change the artwork on my stick, just to make it that little bit more individual over sticking on some different coloured buttons. I just have no idea how. Other methods dont seem to compare to the results Ive seen with lamilabel artwork mods.

Any help? T_T