Modding my first stick


Hi guys, I’ve been browsing this site for a few days. Mainly for SF4 tips and strategies, but I have been convinced by you guys, to get my first stick. The MadCatz sticks are very hard to get right now. I did find someone that wanted to sell me a SE on craigslist for $200. I talked him down to $125 but decided against it since I heard about all the issues its been having. It seems that you need to Mod every stick just to get the best out of it.

I ordered a PS3 Fighting Stick 3 for $50 today, and figured it will be cheaper to just mod it, instead of waiting. I browse through a few pages and did not see any info on this stick. I have a few questions about the quality of this stick. Does any one have it? What’s your take on it? Is there a tutorial posted for this model?

Also, where can I find a template for that model so I can create my own design?

Thank you. This a great site. I love all of the custom sticks and hope to post a pic of mines real soon.


Thank you. I’m reading this now. I’m discouraged now because it states I have to do some Soldering. I never solder anything before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Also, is there anywhere else I can buy parts besides LizardLick?


That stick is $29.99 at Gamestop. Just letting you know.


If you’re in the States, Lizard Lick is your best bet bro. They are the cheapest you can find and they have everything you need. Their re-stock time is fast too. If you want American parts only, Happ ( is the one to use BUT lizard lick has these Happ items in stock too and cheaper :slight_smile: Another site is but the shipping cost from Japan won’t be cheap.

PS: There is soldering videos on youtube etc. that teach you the basics.


placed and order with them on tuesday. amazing customer service in my opinion.

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I can’t find a gamestop around here that has it. Is it on thier webiste?

checking now…

edit: nope, i dont even see it on thier site.


Change the zip code to your zip code:


^still not available near me. its too late, i order it off amazon today for $55.00


That stick is a biatch to mod. Sanwa snapins will fit but you have to desilder all the stock buttons and solder in some new wire for the new buttons. The only stick that will fit in there is a seimitsu ls-33. And even with it there will be a lot of dremeling out plasti & pounding a dent in the bottom plate.


Which is fine. Do NOT let me catch you trying some of these unsoldering methods. It aint’ worth it in the long run (shit like wire glue and conductive epoxy). I have them, they have very very specific uses and it’s not as a replacement for soldering.

Learn to solder and you are now ninja.


Sanwa JLF series joystick will fit in this casing. Also with some dremelling, but not pounding a dent in bottom plate.