Modding my Pelican ps2 Arcade stick with Cthulu/sanwa parts?

Hi Guys, this is my first attempt at modding a stick and I’m very excited indeed!

I have an old pelican ps2 arcade stick laying around (looks exactly like the universal one). And I just put an order in for a MC Cthulu board along with a Sanwa joystick and sanwa 30mm threaded buttons off lizardlick.

I plan on removing the pcb and buttons from the pelican and replacing them with cthulu/sanwa parts.
I know the button holes need to be sanded to 30mm to fit the buttons.
If anyone has done this mod, or a similar one, are there any unforeseen pitfalls I should look out for?

the top panel of the case is a fairly thick (half an inch) piece of wood, my main concern is hoping the Japanese parts will fit.

Yeah uh, JLF’s (going to assume you bought a JLF) are meant to be mounted roughly 1/4" below the surface of the panel, so if you wanna mount a JLF in there you’re gonna need to bust out the router and route into the top panel, also the same for the buttons, the mounting nut won’t even reach the threads on a panel that thick.

Hmm It seems like pretty cheap wood… I’m afraid of it breaking after extended play, should I just replace the entire top panel? If so what would be the best material? 1/4 inch Plexi-glass?

How about 2x 1/8" sheets of plexi so you can sandwich your own custom art in between? I think that would be a great idea, plus with plexiglass you will be able to give the Pelican stick a proper Japanese button and stick layout or whatever layout you prefer.

But how would you replace the whole panel though? From looking at pics of the insides it looks like the case is all glued together.

That sounds like a great Idea! Now to find a plexi glass place that will cut 30mm holes and stuff…

The top panel is held together with L shaped metal strips that have 2 screws. (i forget what they’re called).
I don’t think there is any glue (can’t see any glue residue) but I might be wrong.
This person was able to replace the Pelican stick panel to fit Japanese parts, so it looks like it is more than possible.

I just got an Idea! What If i cut 2 large squares into the top panel where the buttons and joystick are, then put the plexi glass on top. This way, I wont even need to remove the original top panel, and it will add extra weight/support.

i did this mod but with a axis adapter, sanwa and a jlf. Rayza correct the jlf will be short unless you get a little handy. the only thing i can suggest is keep the top three buttons, for start home and select. it’ll save you a few bucks and for what you need them to be they will work out just fine. gotta warn you through, it’s a slippery slope. i started off with the intent to mod my pelican like you and ended up a month later scraping and building one from scrap. after all i went through modding the pelican i realized i could just build a better one easier and faster. pics when your done please.

Why did you scrap the pelican box, what exactly went wrong?
I’m planning on doing the double 1/8 inch plexi glass thing for the top panel, seems like it would be easier than starting from scratch since you already have a box, right?

Ahh… so here’s the thread.

Uhh, you can use a 1/4" wooden panel just fine. As long as you’re not standing and jumping around on top of it, it won’t break. As I’ve said in the reply PM, I just got some spare left over wood and cut out the top panel. The measurements for the case isn’t exact, something like 9 3/4" x 14 11/16".

When you attach it, if you’re going to use the brackets on the inside that held the original top, make sure you use screws that aren’t longer than 1/4", preferably a little shorter. But if you’re going to do it from the top like I did, you need a very steady hand and eagle eye accuracy (not really, but it helps) to drill directly into the “walls” of the sides. And don’t force the drill or you might split the thing in two.

Here’s mylatest post w/ the latest update to my stick (minus a cute little giraffe sticker)

Mine was the universal pelican, but I don’t believe the box is any different. I bottom mounted the JLF where old Happ imitation was. The bottom was already routed out, with just enough space to fit the plate inside. The only thing is that the mounting holes are different, so I drilled new holes for the JLF and left the old ones.

oh no i didn’t scrap it, it’s perfect for what i need it for, but all i was trying to say was that from modding my first stick it led me to making my first custom one.

first custom

the pelicans in there also i just can’t seem to find it.

Hey guys I finally finished it!

It’s my first stick, and it was more work (and money) than i thought it was going to be, but the end product plays so absolutley smooth, it was well worth it.

Lucky for me my brother owns a hardware store so he sold me 2 layers of 1/8 inch plexi glass along with some drill bits for a discounted price =D
First i cut the plexi glass in the same shape as the ori original wood panel.

then i cut some rather large holes in the wood where the buttons and stick are because i wanted the stick a little closer and the buttons arranged differently.

I bottom mounted the joystick and buttons to the plexi glass and left some wood in between them for support and weight. (you can see this on the underneath view).

I sandwiched the artwork in between the 2 pieces of plastic as suggested by fokkusuhaundo.

I made the design on photoshop (which imo was the hardest part getting, creating my own template for the pelican shape wasn’t easy).
I decided on my favorite band as the theme, Radiohead, since i couldn’t choose just 1 character from a fighting game (I like MANY characters) haha

I stuck a cthulu board and added a ps2 plug. (1st time soldering…kinda tricky but ended up working great!)

The end result is very solid stick, has a good weight and size, and plays great in the lap, or on a table.

Very nice.

Grats on your first custom mod also. And I’m definitely with you when I say that, even though my first custom cost more than I thought it would be, the end result was totally worth it.