Modding my PS3 TE Round 1 Fightstick to work on PCs using AMD Chipset


So basically, I wanna know what I can do to make this work. More specifically, I know its my chipset in my laptop fucking me sideways, so I wanna see what easy-to-install PCB would be best for what I am doing.

I have never modded anything before so I am a newcomer when it comes to DIY projects such as this. Easiest is most important rn.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


No new Laptops or desktops support UHCI any more, not even Intel Chipsets.
UHCI is not even part of the USB 3.0/3.1 package.

Easiest would be a PS360+, ether Brooks board or even (shutters) a USB Zero Delay board
Every one of those have screw terminals, the smaller cheaper Brook board does not come with one stock but you can order one with screw terminals.
Screw terminals means no soldering. But with no Soldering you also use the Turbo/Guide panel use


Update: I was really, REALLY lucky to find someone selling a mint X360 TE Round One on Facebook Marketplace for 29 dollars. If I remember right, The X360 does not have the same issue the PS3 version has.


Wow, that’s a hell of a deal.