MOdding My Se for Ps2./

I know this is somewhere here but i cant seem to find it, Im really sorry. I want to mod my MAdcatz Se stick for ps2 and im kinda of a noob at it. I think i Need i want a solder less MC chthulu or Something, any quick help would be appreciated. and any specific help on the Se stick too would be even more appreciated

what you are looking for is a “pre-hacked psx pad”

you need a digital ps1 controller. and you need to know how to solder. you basically just solder all the wires from the ps1 controller to the buttons and make sure the grounds go to grounds and signals go to signals.

its fairly easy… also next time search before you make a topic… theres a 30+page topic about duel modding arcade sticks.

Thank you, and im sorry. I just couldnt find it. Ok so i Need a digital ps1 controller. man i need a freakin Noob friendly tutorial >_<

you can read stickies and use the search tool…And why waste money for an SE stick for the case??You can get a mayflash and mod it using the same pcb which uses ps2/usb…