Modding my SF4 SE stick for MVC2

As we all know, MVC2 been out for PSN about two weeks now and I’ve purchased my SF4 SE stick for it a month before the game came out because it was the last one I saw available at a local game stop. So after playing the game for two weeks with the stick, I feel like a newbi at the game, but I"m not because I’ve been playing the game since it came out in 2000. So I have research this forum and found out that there could be two reasons that could possibly mess up my executions and those reasons are:

  1. The stick, 2) the buttons.

To come and think about it now, it does make sense because the button doesn’t register very well and the controller feels weird. So I have searched more and found that many people replace the stick/buttons with Sanwa parts which I order today. BTW, for the stick I order the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT. So here is my main question. Would this upgrades be enough for me to execute all the nice combos like the sent/commando fly combo, Magneto infinite? I came accross some people say that the octogon plate thing is better, but is it better than the 4/8 way adjustable plate that came with the new Sanwa stick? I just hope that these new Sanwa stick and buttons would make my stick somewhat like the arcade quality. I’ve already spent a total of $140 for the stick, I don’t want to spend anymore unless I have to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

For MvC2 I would go for an octo gate just because 95% are some form of a circle move. I only have a square gate JLF in an HRAP3 and while great for SF4, it’s horrible for MvC2. I use my MC Fightpad for MvC2 and it works great. You should notice some more responsiveness with the sanwa buttons too…enjoy your modded stick cause the the stock SE is just trash in a plastic box without upgrades


hey suken!, you told me that yesterday at night, i’m thinking to get one of those arcade sticks, the mad catz one, so i need some advices too.

I dunno maybe someone here that already uses the SF IV stick could help you with that, i think ktm could help.

In a few words, what is the best arcade stick to start with?