Modding my Xbox One Mad Catz TE2 so it works on my PS4

I’m still pretty new to this and I’d like some advice. I currently have, as mentioned above, a TE2 for my Xbox One. I also have a Hori Fighting Commander 4. My end goal is so have my Arcade stick work on both my Xbox One AND my PS4 without any sort of 8min time out on the PS4 (or anything of that nature). IS that possible? What more would I need to buy? as someone with little to no soldering experience, should I try to do it myself using tutorials or am I better off getting someone else to do it?

Advice and links to products I would need is HUGELY appreciated. Thank you so much!

Xbone TE2 PCB isn’t common ground. Get a phreakmods crossbone.

Will a Crossbone make it common ground? Also your link doesnt have any info on the crossbone, or anything xbox one for that matter. Could I get I bit more specific information then that?

Won’t a Brooks converter work just fine? I think they patch it with every system update so you don’t have the timeout…

Yes a Crossbone will make your Mad Catz TE2 Xbox One stick “common ground”

So that being said, I need a Crossbone. Anything else? How do I connect the FC4 to it?

The Crossbone is labeled, and you need to pad hack the FC4.
If that is too complicated for you, you need to find someone else to do it for you.

Looking between the Brook adapter and crossbones/pad hack, Are both tournament legal? how are both affected by system updates? any input lag?

Also it’s not a matter of it being complicated, i’m willing to spend the time learning how do it. I’m just hoping for answers so I understand what i’m getting into.
Thank you again.

Answers in bold

What do you mean by that? Seriously guys, no reason to be so condescending. How else am I going to learn other then asking online? If you don’t wanna type it all out then even a link to an article helps.

How do I learn about pad hacking the FC4 to the Crossbone?

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Input lag is almost never enough that it’ll ruin your experience. I was simply saying not to worry about it :smile: