Modding parts and graphics on T5 Hori

Wasn’t there a thread where it was talking about how to put sanwa sticks into a T5 hori? I can’t find it and search isn’t working. Thanks!

there’s one but it has no pics

i think i should pressure chipper into making one like he did with the doa4 mod

Basically, I have 3 Tekken sticks. One for DC, and 2 PSX. I want to mod them with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts and remove the graphics. I’m a complete noob it may not be possible to do all of this. Any infoo would be greatly appreciated!

I kinda f’ed up my tekken 5 mod and it’s a lot more complicated than it needs to be anyways :c. But bassically, you’ll notice 4 holes that run through the microswitches. If you drill out the corresponding holes in the restrictor gate, you can drive the same screws that held the hori stick through the sanwa to hold it in place.

I never looked for a guide on how to change the hori stick into a Sanwa JLF, i just decided to wing it and it was pretty easy.

What i did was first take the Hori out and kept all the microswitches attached to the wires leading to the pcb. Save the long screws becasue you will use them on the Sanwa JLF. Make sure you mark the microswitches or write down the colors of the wires so you remember which micrositch is which direction.

Now take apart the JLF by pushing the 4 tabs inward and popping the restrictor gate off. Take the pcb off, take off the ball top, and take off the top mounting plate.

Here’s where i got creative. I took a drill bit and drilled thru the restrictor gate. I drilled the holes where there was a peice of plastic sticking out at the other end to hold the cherry switches in place. Next i took my dremel and routed out the top of the drilled holes to countersink the screws. You can use a drill bit thats the same diameter as the screw head also, i just didnt have one so i dremeled it (which was a lot harder and took more work).

Now take your microswitches and put them in the right place on the JLF. Snap on the restrictor gate. Now stick the long screws into each drilled hole. They should go stright thru and be able to screw back on the harness on the tekken metal plate.

AND BOOM, you are done.

LOL damn chipper psoted it before my post was done.

Thanks, guys!

Can I take a high res image to Kinkos and have them print it out on adhesive vinyl?

I think most people get it printed on 10 pt high gloss paper, then cover it with either plexiglass or lexan. Adhesive vinyl could work i guess depending on how careful you are with the stick, if you are using all the buttons or leaving holes for 6 button layout, how well you cleaned the metal plate (smooth or not, cuz you’ll probably see the bumps thru the vinyl if its not clean.

What do you think would be a good way to get the current graphics off?

just peel it off and then clean off the glue residue with some windex or something

o word windex works? o_O thought you had to use that goo-be-gone stuff.

It peels off? FUCK! That’s awesome!

Here’s the old thread which had lots of great advice and links: