Modding PS3 Madcatz TE 1 with a X-input mod for PC - PS3 - PS4

Which PCB part do I need? I research a lot but cant find clear answers on google or you tube. To be honest I dont know the keywords or direction I need to search in.

I want to give my TE a new life with SF5 so hopefully someone can help me! thank you in advance!


Brook ps3/ps4 board.

Yes I looked at those sadly they are not in europe? If so, anyone got a store ?


I’m sure every site that sells them ships to Europe. Focusattack, Paradisearcadeshop etc

Theres a spanish shop that ships them to all of europe. Imo its better to order from within Europe as you avoid customs.

One of the 2 already doesnt send shipping code for tracking and I fear the cost for shipping is just to high. (+risk getting rekt)

Thx for the spanish site, if I cant find another one I guess I will order there.

why do you need this for the TE ? it works fine with SFV . I just played last night

if on PC:

PC has some weird issues with PS3 TE1 sticks. You need a specific type of USB port to get it recognized.
Also, SFV doesn’t have generic stick support. You have to run 3rd party app to trick your program into thinking you have a 360 stick.

if on PS4:

I’m sure it works, but you’d have to do a not so pleasant login process. (Legacy drivers). And this would take a lot of time to set up. I believe they also banned this route @ Evo due to length of time for setup. this store will ship to europe i think.

Can’t you just use legacy controller settings? I’ve got a 360 dual modded with the chimp for ps3 and using legacy controls works fine for me.