Modding PS3 Madcatz V.S


Hey everybody,<br><br>Was wondering if there was a guide out there for modding the PS3 version of the V.S. Stick with a Akishop ps360+ PCB. I’ve seen guides for the regular TE, but wasn’t sure if the process was the same. Also, I can’t figure out how to access the top panel PCB. Thanks! 


For the most part the TE-S and the V.S. as the same electronics, so the actual mod is the same.<br>So the TE guide should apply to the V.S.<br><br>Now the top panel PCB, I haven’t have a opportunity to mod a V.S. yet so I can’t give you specifics. <br>But you have to unbolt the top panel using a #3 size metric Allen key to access the guide area screws.<br>