Modding PS3 TE S

Hey all, As I’m walking into unfamiliar territory, I was hoping I could get some assistance. I’d like to install a PS360+ in my PS3 TE S while also making it “stickless”. I will be doing away with the turbo and home button and am fairly certain I have the top panel squared away. After doing a fair bit of research it appears that it’s a fairly simple installation. Here is where I am at right now - since I’ll be wiring the new (directional) buttons should I do the same for the rest or should I just use the hardware included with the TE?

I wasn’t sure if there would be any benefit in scrapping it and rewiring it all. I am new to all of this, so please be gentle! Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

use the absolute question thread next time, it keeps the TT page tidy. you can keep the wiring for the buttons but you will need to jimmy some new qc’s onto the JLF harness. i assume by stickless you mean a hitbox sort of mod. you will need to daisy chain 4 qc’s .110 onto the ground of the existing JLF harness and 4 more qc’s for each of the directional signals.

Sorry about that, I will definitely do that in the future. I think I understand the wiring, I just wasn’t sure if there was a benefit to pulling the existing hardware. Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it.