Modding ( Remapping ) Hori Fighting Commander 3

Hi guys. I’m sure this stuff have been asked before. How can I remap button on my Hori Fighting Commander 3? It looked like a simple stuff, but I don’t really understand electronics (though I can solder quite well). Can someone give me a quick guide or some resources?

If it’s possible, pictures and videos would be perfect, but If you can’t any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys.

Wait, are you saying you want to change the actual button input in your FC3?
So for example instead of pressing what would be x you would get the R1 signal?

That’s going to require you to carefully trace the button signal, cut that trace and replace the signal with the desired one. This will require some very very delicate and very precise soldering and cutting and would garner the possibility of rendering your fightpad useless if done incorrectly.
That’s pretty much the only way that I see this to have any hope of working.

I personally haven’t worked with an FC3 yet, but since they can be dual modded, it should possible to remap using top notch solder skills.

That’s the only way that I can think of that can remotely work.


Aaaaarrgghh. As I thought It will be difficult. lol. Maybe I should try to adapt with those shitty layout of L1 and L2 then. I really want to swap them with the R1 and R2.

Anyway thanks for the help.