Modding: replace the madcatz tvc pcb with a xbox 360 controler pcb


hello, im asking for any help to replace the pcb of my madcatz tvc, i have a xbox 360 wired controller, i was thinking to take the pcb to be able to play on pc and xbox 360…
i can do all soldering if i now what to do ou where to…
any help will be graceful


You could just scrap the Wii PCB and use the case as a shell. Screw terminals and wires can be used. You might need to find a way cover the home/turbo panel… I’d cover it up with replacement artwork and drill separate buttons for Guide on the top rim.


i cannot use the home turbo paineL? i dont know were to sold the wire do you have any picture or something… thank you for your help


i dont need the home button and turbo, turbo i dont care and the home button i use another xbox controller…


Cut your own perf-board, and solder in your own micro tact switches.
I did that with all my SE/TvC/Brawlsticks.

Look at the top right of the picture.


oh man im totaly noob in this…i do i know where wire goes, im talking about buttons and joystick… e now to cut my perf board its to much… do you have ant tutorial… it will be graceful


Sorry, no real tutorial.
But c’mon, do you really even need one?

  • measure perf board
  • cut perf board
  • drill holes to mount perf board
  • solder switches to appropriate locations on perf board
  • solder wires to switches


i think i dont expressed myself, i have the xbox 360 controller pcb in my hand, i dont know were to solder the wires from the button and joystick… drill holes etc its too much i can play withou the turbo and home can i? thank you anyways


Find your PCB in this list:

If you’re replacing the existing PCB, you’ll lose the use of Turbo anyways.
As for the Home button, that’s up to you. I tend to lean towards having it, but if you feel that you can live without it, then by all means you don’t need to connect it.


thank you for the help… thank you very much


hello i need with solding, how do i do the soldering for the joystick i only have 5 connector, how do i connect to the d pad? thanks for the help


Your 5-pin harness is Up/Down/Left/Right/Ground (not necessarily in that order).
Match them up to the D-pad contact points.


sorry mate for being so noob, in this diagram you give me, where do i sold the ground ?


You see where you’re supposed to solder in the U/D/L/R wires?
Notice how there’s another contact point just opposite of each of the U/D/L/R contact points? Easiest might be to just pick one of those. Or any other point that’s labelled as “Common” in the image.


ok make it work… thank you so much again


hello it me again,, in this picture do i solder the wire in up side of the picture or in down side? im talking about joystick and buttons… thank you for the help


it would be easier to solder on the front-facing side. the alternate points in the back will work if you mess up on the front. some people strip the dpad traces on the first try cause theyre kinda small


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i need help with the buttons, how to i know wich wire is sinal or ground? and another think in this picture , i only have one ground for the four buttons (A,B,X,Y xbox controller) thank you for the help


what i mean is only have one ground place to connect all the wire from the buttons