Modding sc2 stick O and L1

Hi i want to mod my sc2 stick , basically i wanna use it at the arcade i play at for tekken dr and its annoying since Square , triangle , x , are all fine but (O) is at the top and L1 is where O should be …

Could anyone body give me a tutorial on how to do it the quickest easiest way or if anyone has a link to any web page that tells you how to do it i wanna get this done b4 monday .


Are you talking about this thing?

Or this thing?

You’re gonna have to open up the stick and swap the wires to get the right layout. So, get a soldering iron ready and solder away!


If it’s the monstrosity in the first link, then you’re on your own. I was referring to the Hori made one.

Nevermind it must be the Hori one. Do what TingBoy said.