Modding SFAC stick's Xbox connector to USB?

Has anyone done this? I’m thinking about chopping off the connector and putting in a breakaway cable because I have a breakaway->usb that came with my DDR pad, but the SFAC doesn’t have a breakaway connector. I found some drivers and tried them with my S-type and they work fine. I think it would be awesome to have a stick for PS2, Xbox, and PC all in one. Any FAQ’s for this?

Well, I’m going to go ahead and try it anyway. This’ll be the first time I’ve ever worked with wires, though.

Very easy mod. Here is some help:
All wires go with the same color from xbox to usb.Cut and discard the yellow wire.
Hope that helps.

Actually I’m modding it to have a breakaway cable for mine because I have a breakaway -> USB cable that came with a DDR pad. That way it’ll still work with my Xbox, too.

Also, with the SFAC stick, I found that the wires do not match up to the same colours as a USB or official Xbox controller cable. At least in mine they don’t.

You could just grabt one of the cheap Xbox -> USB converters, which are nothing more than straight wires just like you’re describing. There are a number of them on ebay for less than $10 shipped, and you wouldn’t have to risk mucking around with the cable.

Just use a converter for whatever it is you are trying to connect with, like a cheap, decent X-Box to USB converter out there.

No need to hack up your connectors.

i just recently got 2 off ebay for about five dolors each shipped.

It’s already done, but it works just fine. Right now I just have everything taped up, but I think I’ll eventually heatshrink it to make it look nice. I have too many converters anyway.

If you’re looking to do something similar I’ll post which wires of the SFAC stick go to the wires in a USB/Official Xbox cable. That’s as long as Nubytech doesn’t use different coloured wires for all of them.

sure those usb-xbox convertors dont work properly with sfac stick ? so ive heard on the convertor thread !!!

^ seems very easy ? if i was to do that above to my sac stick will it work on my pc no problem, no convertors needed etc ? espiochamaeleo could you please post what color wires from SFAC xbox connector go to the USB male one?

wud be really greatfull

The only thing you’ll need after this is the drivers from the tutorial on Fury-Tech. The match-ups are as follows:

----      ---
Blue      Red
Red       White
White     Green
Grey      Yellow
Purple    Black

That’s all you need to know. You only need the Grey/Yellow wire if you’re doing what I did (adding a breakaway cable), but for just Xbox to USB it’s unnecessary according to the Fury-Tech tutorial. And yes, it should work with no lag since it’ll be native USB at that point. I noticed a difference when I did it at least. Also, the wires are really damn small, the wire stripper I had only went to 22 gauge which wasn’t small enough and I had to strip them with a razor blade, so find a wire stripper that goes to 30 gauge or something or spend 2 hours just stripping the wires like me. :wasted:

If the cheap xbox-USB converters aren’t gonna work, then stripping the wires and doing it yourself won’t work either; electrically, they’re the same thing.

espiochamaeleo, i mentioned it in the converter thread, i got it eventually by opening up my xbox pad and matching up the wires. thanks :slight_smile:

Toodles, i am aware of that but im not sure why such a converter has never and yet to be mentioned in the overloaded converter thread, thus my doubt.


my sfac stick has blue, white, green, red, yellow and coverless wires. can somone that has done this take a pic of the PCB so i know which ones are which? (i hope atleast the pbc is the same)

YO ITS POSTED ABOVE BUT CHECK my blog for pics and directions

no, above has purple + grey. mine doesnt have that

oops u already left a comment on my blog, why do u wanna touch the pcb? are you basically just trying to cut off the xbox connector and attach a usb one ?
you seem to have different coloured wires :S

im not touching the pcb… since the wires are a different color, if i see a picture of your PCB and see where your wires are, i can know what colors mine are equivalent to based on the position of the wires.

my SFAE stick has the same colored wires as you - did u ever figure out which ones match which?

if so please pm me

well I just wasted about 4 hrs trying to get this dman thing to work… it aint working - I have no idea what the colors are supposed to be…

when i match all the colors… nothing happens… when i swap them around windows says the usb device is malfuncationing etc :frowning:

what type of usb are you using ? did u get the right drivers from my blog link?