Modding SIXAXIS Controller for Custom Stick But Need LED Help


Hey everyone!
I’ve been lurking for a veeeery long time (like maybe 4+ years) and I ALWAYS wanted to build my own stick.

Now that I graduated university (3 years since woohoo) and found a job (2 years since woohoo!!) I can now devote some money to fund my custom stick project!!!

I will be using a SIXAXIS controller for the PCB and hooking the stick and buttons up using the SIXAXIS Adapter on lizardlick however, does anyone know if it is possible to setup an LED display to show you which controller # it is set to?

You know on a regular PS3 controller when you press the PS button it shows up as Controller 1, 2, etc?

Anyone know how to set up a simple LED light display to do exactly that on a custom box? I’m not really a big fan of LED lights around my buttons and stuff but I would love to keep the LED controller display.