Modding SNES controller => PS2


hello, since i always loved the snes controller i wonder if there is a way to make it compatible with ps2…
i figured it would be the same idea as this one, wiring the saturn pad for usb:

would this be possible? i wonder if someone has done this before…


You know they sell a SNES to PS2 adapter commercially…


i never seen any oh them for sale…
so anyone knows how to do it yourself?


Snes to PS2. There’s really only one company that will make such a custom device… Just ask to speak with the engineer and tell him what you want. I know because, my brother and I actually had Mas make us 2 pads. Basically they’re Snes pads (shell) with a ps2 encoder board inside. Mas will probably charge you a $100 per pad. As for doing it yourself, I suppose it’s possible but you’ll definitely have to do some research on it as its not a simple mod. Good luck.

Steve F: I think you’re referring to the PS2 to Snes adapter, which is completely different than a snes to ps2 adapter.


thanks for your reply!
100 is not an option :wink: ill see if i can find out something else


One way of doing it would be similar to padhacking for a stick. Instead of connecting switches, you’d be connecting wires between the two pads. The components would have to be removed from the SNES pad’s board.

Here’s an example, wiring a NES pad to a Dreamcast pad. SNES pad would be similar, as it’s essentially the same pad, just with two of the ICs that the NES pad uses to handle the extra buttons. Of course, once you’ve got your pad rigged up like that, you can adapt other system controllers to accept it as well.


thanks, thats what ive been looking for! i only have to wait until my snes pads arrive and try it…


Well, if you get around to doing it, document it or at least let me know how it goes. I’ve been thinking about doing this myself for a while, primarily for PC. I figure that if I’ve got a PS-to-USB adapter, I might as well use a PS pad instead of hacking the parallel port or buying more adapters. Plus, for something like the NES, I could hack two dummy pads into one PS controller, at least for games where the second player doesn’t need start or select.


You’re right, I was thinking of it the other way around…


this is the only snes converter ive seen