Modding Special Move Inputs for SFIV PC

Here’s my question: Is it possible to modify/change the control inputs
required to execute special moves in Street Fighter IV PC?

Perhaps this might be possible using a hex editor if you knew what file to look in and what corresponding fields to change? I have no modding experience with this game… I don’t even own a copy of it. But I would be very interested in purchasing a copy if this is actually possible.

I would also like to make it clear that I have no intention of playing the game online… because a mod like this would be cheating. But based on my previous experience with other Street Fighter games, I don’t like how difficult some of the
moves can be to pull off… so I would like to be able to make them easier to execute… such as by pressing only one button on the keyboard.

I know this probably sounds lame or noob… and it is. I happily confess that I’m a noob at the game… but I don’t see how it would hurt anyone if I only did this against the computer/AI. And from what I’ve seen in other modding topics on the forum, most mods won’t work online anyway… which is good in this case because I’m not interested in cheating or having an unfair advantage.

Against the computer though… I think it would only be fair(at least for a noob like me). It’s not like the AI has to actually use their hands/reflexes to precisely input the commands for a special move. And this is what I want to do… level the playing field against the computer.

Any ideas on how to pull this off would be greatly appreciated.

I think this would be insanely difficult if not impossible to pull off.

That said, if you like easy inputs, play smash.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this modding idea? I can’t be the only one interested in this sort of thing. I know many people want to make things simpler when it comes to games… such as getting unlockable content without earning it the hard way.

Its easy for me to say, since I have no modding experience… but I don’t think it would be that difficult to pull of for someone with modding/hex editor knowledge. I mean… aren’t the commands/inputs for the special moves referenced anywhere? Wouldn’t it be a simple matter of changing what buttons are referenced for the special move in the appropriate file? Correct me if I’m wrong… I just want to know if anyone else has thought about this or might know more about it.

Why not make a macro with a key to joystick program and assign it to one button? :-X

That’s a good suggestion hyp36rmax, but I’ve had some experience using macros and I’ve found that they don’t always work so well. I’ve long been using an arcade emulator(WinKawaks) with an older arcade version of Street Fighter (SSF2 Turbo). The macros work very well most of the time… but not always.

Also, many special moves are not very ideal for use with macros… particularly
moves that require you to charge/hold the movement keys for a few seconds… like Guile’s sonic boom. For these moves, you have to press the macro key several seconds in advance before the move will execute… and by the time the move is executed… it may no longer be useful depending on what you opponent did over those last several seconds. Granted, it’s not like these moves are very tough to pull off. I just find the charging requirement to be tedious and annoying personally. And many characters have these kind of special moves… balrog, blanka, guile, vega… just to name a few.

It doesn’t seem fair to me either… I mean Ryu can spam one or two fireballs every second, but Guile can only send out one sonic boom every three seconds. Even worse, it seems like the computer doesn’t need to charge these attacks like the player does. I’ve fought against a computer controlled Guile and seen him fire a sonic boom, and then immediately pull off his bicycle kick. How is that possible when both moves need to be charged several seconds?

I also assume that Street Fighter IV does not have built in support for macros for obvious reasons. Although, I suppose certain third party software and hardware combinations may work.

What I’m trying to say though, is that I think macros are of limited use. I would much rather have the ability to re-map the control inputs required to execute special moves. But perhaps I’m asking for too much…

yeah You’re asking too much, and the stuff you mentioned that is not fair is 1) Possible to do on your own, and 2) most limitations of moves are the result of balancing game play. you should try to learn how to play the game, none of the moves are difficult at all, it’s the timing for linking that is probably the hardest, and that’s not even that hard.

the special moves are really not that hard to pull off. if you cant do it on a d pad/joystick/arcade stick then you could easily do it on a keyboard. ryu’s special is the easiest to do on a keyboard. if you cant press down right down right (facing right) 3 punches then its really time for you to go back to training mode…

But if you main zangief i find it a bit difficult to get 2 full circles on a keyboard…so i use an arcade stick.

Anyways its just all about practice. Training mode is your best friend

is this really the site to asking how to cheat at a fighting game ??

i dont think anyone should be helping on this :lame: