I made the game freeze because I missed the fact the bac and bcm files are in their own folder: dlc/03_character_free/battle/regulation/latest/
(those are the files for the moves after AE “regulation”)

You can find other bac and bcm files in the character folders (resource/battle/chara/), but those are SSF4 files, so they don’t apply while playing AE.

AE characters miss the clg files as they are for the challenges and those characters don’t have any. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like you can really swap any files from a character folder to another and just rename them even the vfx.emz

Will you recognize whose moves did Juri get? :smiley:

I changed every files from to JRI.vfx.ttex.emz but JRI.fce.ema, just by renaming the files in the resource/battle/chara/JRI folder.
Then I changed the bac & bcm files in the dlc/03_character_free/battle/regulation/latest/JRI folder.


Man, that sure is easier than it used to be! I guess monkeyface is a thing of the past :stuck_out_tongue:

So, if it has bac/bcm files from Super, I guess we can use the Super version of movesets. Have you tried any vanilla bac/bcm replacements yet?




No I haven’t tried SF4 Sagat vs SSF4AE Yun if that’s what you mean. :smiley:
I’ll let you test it, I know you want to.

More? you mean you haven’t found who owns the moves I swaped? :smiley:


No! Not the head bite!


That’s quite awesome. Good to hear - thought there was some special index file/name we need to change, like in vanilla.

Thanks! I’ve always wondered how T hawk’s ultra 2 would look when done by a smaller character.

Though I really get discouraged by all the hate I get after spending weeks modifying moves, making videos, writing up a list, etc…


Is there any ssf4ae cmm (SSFIVae Custom Mod Manager) program, or something like that, something that automatically changes modes in super street fighter 4 arcade edition???


What I did is easy and can’t be compared to what you did on Vanilla, I just swaped the whole moveset.

I didn’t edit the moves of the character nor added any characteristics (juggle etc) to them like you did.

This is still a tough task. I tested perl on SF4 files, I understood the basics of editing the moves but it seemed so long to do.

If pearl scripts don’t work on AE files directly, you could try to rewrite a Vanilla’ish cmn.emz from AE files, tho you would have to do it manually as I don’t think kensou’s tool support those files (I had issues with col.emz files containing more than 4 files). Then after editing it you would have to cut it back into AE files.

Don’t listen to haters, I had people cursing me for my bad playstyle when I uploaded videos IA vs IA just to show costumes …

I don’t know if Leogansky will make a new one for AE.


Me, Anotak and Polarity are working on SSF4AE modding. Developments are going really fast rn, and Anotak already got tools going for editing almost everything in the .bcm. I’m kind of not that involved with that because I’m not as good at actually reading hex apart from areas I already know i’m just going “oh cool what does that do oh shit”

There’s already progress on adding and changing cancels (the cancels are what it cancels to, so you still have to add in cancels for moves that don’t usually have it.) as well as some early stuff on meter editing, what motions a move uses, what inputs it uses etc.
So far, SSF4AE is a lot easier to mod than vanilla, but that might just be because Anotak’s on board again.

BTW: SSF4AE Koryu is already in progress:


I’m glad to hear you guys are back at it. Over in the vanilla skin thread, Recycler posted a couple of links to a chinese forum where someone had already edited the move inputs, so you might take a look at that if you get stuck. Are you guys going over things in a public thread? If so, I’ll lurk there, too.

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get vanilla bac/bcm into AE, but it’s crashing on me. I didn’t spend much time on it, though, so maybe I’ll get something going soon.

I also unsuccessfully tried stealing some of Oni’s “emission” materials to give other characters the same sort of fire effect on their bodies. No crashes on that one, but no effect either. Related: it appears that since the emz bundles are gone, the game doesn’t really care about the size of the *.obj.emm files, so I think you can just insert as much hex data as you want without it prompting a crash (i.e., no more worrying about overwriting/inserting). I’d like some verification on that, if anyone cares to look into it.

I guess at some point I’ll start documenting which files you actually have to edit for things to take effect so people don’t spend all of their time hunting for which files actually do what they want.


Things changed in the BAC file. cancels are different, and I think some of the stuff in the effects sections in the animations part are different too. BCM i’m not sure, it’s probably different too in some ways.

We’ve got a tool that helps for changing which inputs/motions a move uses, and motion editing has already been explored enough so that I know how to change it.


editing the move motions was known a long time ago but editing the buttons is a new discovery. we can inject new moves into a character’s file now, they don’t have to take the place of other moves as they did previously.


I’m trying to do some moveswaps, but they aren’t working, game refuses to load beyond the versus screen. I’ve looked all over for a detail tutorial, but I can’t find anything.


Is it possible to edit the color select tile in the character select screen?
For example, I swapped Seth’s Color 2 skin (red) with the scale skin mod, is it possible to extract the Red color select tile and edit it to something like a black tile or whatever? Just something to make it easier to remember where my costumes are.


bcm editing tools, requires .net framework

if you guys figure out any more of the input data in bcm lemme know. or if you figure out anytihng about the anim format in bac

and of course


Good shit, Anotak! Our first AE-specific tool! If you make anything else, let me know and I’ll add it tothe new wiki page.

@Jay Vasquez
I forget exactly which file it’s in, but if it’s like vanilla, there’s a character-specific file (*.tex.emz, maybe?) that stores them as hex color values. You can change the numbers using a hex color chart, like Web designers use.

@Running Wild
Which files are you renaming/swapping? There are a number of different moveset files now, and you have to swap the correct ones to get anything to work correctly.

@Good Game Player
o rly?? That’s awesome news. Dropping the emz containers really made a lot of things much easier, huh? :smiley:



face fix↓

make that difference i use hex editor open the "VEG.obj.ema"
search “Head” as beginning and delete something

Test Mod

ZBrush Tool


I have no idea what files I am supposed to swap. All I want to do is give Ryu Hakan’s moveset. I have no idea which files are what really lol.

If someone can make a tutorial on how to do that, that would awesome.

@Recycle: That is awesome. Super Street Fighter IV Mini-Mix lol.


thats modok


@running wild

I already wrote which files to swap you even have the filepaths… you only need skills in renaming/copying/pasting files.

RYU with HKN moves:
You take every files in the resource/battle/chara/HKN folder from to HKN.vfx.ttex.emz but HKN.fce.ema.
You rename them replacing “HKN” by “RYU” and put them in resource/battle/chara/RYU overwriting the original ones (make a backup)
Then you take HKN.bac and HKN.bcm in dlc/03_character_free/battle/regulation/latest/HKN folder
You rename them RYU.bac and RYU.bcm and put them in dlc/03_character_free/battle/regulation/latest/RYU overwriting the original ones (make a backup too)

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