What I may do with ultras is make them only one per round, but you start with a maxed one. Also, I am removing focus attacks. Roman cancels can be ok, but you only fade basically one thing per character, ie. Ryun only fade uppercuts, juri only AFDC pinwheel, etc. it is a pretend freedom, because of how powerful one specific option is…

I also don’t like roman cancels in non air dash games, if that makes sense

#1213 six hours of ssf4remix footage. they were still figuring out a lot of stuff so they aren’t fully using the system yet.

if you guys havent seen then and we’re working on a wiki but its still very incomplete

on the subject of rebalance changes and such, remix isn’t intended to be a rebalance or even a koryu/rainbow style game. its more intended to be a remix (as the name says) as sort of a combination of sf4 with ideas from the versus series, ggxx, kof, and various poverty games.

we removed focus attacks too, removed ultras and the meter. we kept ex moves, most supers are now 2 bars (some are 3 or 4). we put an alpha counter on 6mp+mk input, and the ex cancel on mp+mk (a roman cancel). the ex cancel mostly only works on grounded moves and recovers in 2 frames. we made many of the ex cancels on invincible moves only work on hit rather than block. it costs 1 bar for normals, and 2 bars for specials and some supers. some normal throws are cancellable too.
forward dashes are cancellable to attacks, which significantly changes the footsies game. some characters have airdashes and even flight mode, and a lot of other mobility tools.

it plays very non-sf, but so far our testing has had a lot of positive responses. balance will not be perfect (we’re working with a 2 man team here lol) but we’re trying our hardest to make it so that every character is at least viable.


@Anotak & @CWheezy

The direction of your projects are certainly different but really intriguing. Our project is so modest in scope by comparison. :-p

I have a question about building Super Meter or even building Ultra Meter.
As I stated with my first post about modifying Dan Super - Legendary Taunt, I need to find a way to drain the opponent’s Super Meter or Ultra Meter.
Any thoughts? :slight_smile:


Hitboxes with negative meter gain.


I had this problem before, and I forget how I fixed it, but if I create a new input motion for a move, the game does not recognize it and does the special move on any press of punch/kick.

Am I missing something?

EDIT: Well, I just copy pasted from another character for the move I wanted, oh well. That works, heh


Sorry for double post, but I will just Start posting my changed characters here:

“Completed” characters:
Vega, Bison, Zangief, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Balrog, Fei Long, E Honda, Dhalsim, Cammy, Deejay, Chun Li, Sagat, Blanka, T. Hawk, Akuma

Cody, Rose, Adon, Gen, Guy, Sakura

Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Yang

Hakan, C Viper, Gouken, Rufus, Evil Ryu, Oni, El Fuerte Classic/SFIV Classic.rar Classic/SSFIV Mod Changelog.txt

There will most likely be hella bugs, so if you find one, tell me


May I suggest a different name? SF4 remix is already something. Calling your mod “SF4 SF2 Remix” doesn’t help distinguish yourself


as Dantarion said, it might be better to avoid confusion and pick a different name. after all, people might see our videos and think it is your project.

some thoughts on your changes:

  • i would put all the dizzy damage of supers/ultras onto the last hit to prevent them falling out and it becoming unsafe on hit
  • giefs greenhand afaik has never been safe on any game and for good reason. it is too strong for him to be able to cancel into something safe-on-block that moves him forward. on st it pushes back farther and it had so many active frames if you hit meaty it was able to be made safe either by range or by being meaty.
  • not sure why you would change gief’s spd motion, many people find hcb/hcf to be harder, and quarter circle or srk would make it too quickly accessible in footsies
  • if you want claw to be more like st you should make walldive safer on block

i definitely see where you’re going tho and i approve of the sf2-like direction


Oh I was just changing the spd motion as a placeholder, to see if I could actually change something. I will probably change it to yoga flame soon ish.

I agree on the different name! Also pretty sure green hand is safe in alpha 2 and 3. Jab one is mostly safe in hdr, and that is fine imo, but I probably should increase pushback.

I actually can’t think of any names besides remix that are short. SFIV F.O.M (sfiv For Old Men?)


how about ‘retro’ or ‘classic’ or ‘revival’?


Classic is the best if those I think



The problem is that what I tried is putting a negative number in the Hitboxes before and it went red with the error.
Meter gain is something we are able to do which is a negative on whiff to gain meter or positive to remove from your EX meter, but never can you remove meter from your opponent when u do a move.


Did anyone figure out how to make a “ground bounce” without TargetLock? I remember reading about this here but I can’t find it. Basically like a wall bounce, but on the ground, and you can combo after.


In my mod, I have implemented a ground bounce.
Basically what I did was add a new damage animation to every character, then you can set and use it like any damage animation

Now, if you want to, you can download
You can import that with YomiLayer7and use it.
If you do, be sure that the index matches for every single character.


So I have issues with creating new moves, or even editing previous moves for at least the input motions in ono.

If I ever delete a move, I can’t ever get it back without reverting to the original build of the character which sucks a lot, because there is a lot of data entry for increasing the damage on things for my mod.

Does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to create a new move? I have asked anotak and he has no idea, because running in admin mode didn’t do anything.

In any case, it would be pretty helpful if someone could take my dhalsim and re add his grounded teleport ( Ilike the gameplay of his air teleport, but it seems annoying to always tiger knee it, so I wanted to just make his grounded teleport the tiger knee air one, and that did not work out so well)


Hello,I tried to add mustach to the dictator in sf4ae 1st and 4th costume.
The mustach was working on 1st costume.but when I replaced 1st costume by 4th.and then I when added mustach to the 4th costume,it was not working.And only zangief’s mustach was working but gouken and heihachi’s mustach were not working.
I need some help with ddsrefedit. also emgswap wasnt working properly in sfxt. These are the issues.So I need help.:frowning:



sf4 remix from ceo2012. i gotta do some balance changes


hello,i tried to add vfxscripts but i could not add for vfx scripts,i tried to copy all moves of the character that did not have vfxs to the character that had vfx.I tested some actions on the game,and i had read them if they are the same in ono but some of them were not proper.
Is there any other way to add vfx scripts to the bac file that does not have vfx scripts?
Or what is the method to add them using hex editor such that the bac file does not crash?I just need one vfx script so that many vfx scripts can be added if one is there.
do reply and thanks.


this is the main issue.I hope the xml editor that will be released does not have such issues.


This will remove all traces of music from the PC version of SSF4AE 2012 Edition.

Replace these files with the zipped versions, taking care to backup your originals:

Capcom\Super Street Fighter IV\resource\ui\sound\se\GAME_SE.csb

Capcom\Super Street Fighter IV\resource\battle\sound\BTL_CMN.csb

Capcom\Super Street Fighter IV\resource\battle\sound\bgm*.csb

Created/Edited by Tsunamiken using Goshanes Street Fighter IV Audio Manager