Config file is already there, using it for more now, button mouse over has changed, you can select weather to show the links or not, ie: they do not change size
as for the title, can make up a quick checkbox for that, keyboard shortcuts were not added to the new buttons just yet, as for aero, can also be a toggle.

I find it much easier to get along with when using aero, maybe that’s just my eyes


I just installed the Steam version of SS4 AE, and I’m having problems getting the character skin mods working.

I tried extracting thisset of character skins into the /patch_1_07/battle directory but I don’t see any new character skins in the game. Is that the wrong place?

the readme file for the character skin mods shows there should be at least a few new skins for each character, but I don’t see any, only the original plus the DLC alternates that came with the steam version from the recent sale

Someone suggested it might be an issue of some colors not being available for some skins, so I tried switching between the first few colors, but when I switch the skins it only shows the same original plus the DLC alternates.

I installed the game on a secondary drive (not main steam install) but I would doubt that matters, since the folder structure is the same.


Hello. I’m new here and I need some help about modding.

I manage to insert full body part(pic) into Chun Li’s costume .

I plan to make battle damage version of Chun Li’s C1 which show some her skin under the damaged Cloth
and I already try swapping and append emg method but the result was the same, that body part was not correctly show
it look mess up so I wonder how swim suit with full body part mod is working. Can anyone give me a diriection how to put
full body part into Chun Li’s Costume 1 and make it work please? (I assume its skeleton issue or somthing,correct me if I’m wrong)

ps. sorry for my poor English, I’ve try my best :slight_smile:

edit : I have success with swapping face from Facegen program (tested with Kim kadashain’s face)

but the face was not animated, I wonder when I swapped the faces form the another charactor in the game they may have the wrong scale of the face but they already have animated when durring fight intro, get hurt etc. so why not this gonna have same result on the another object that swapped into the old faces emg like i did. Could anyone explain this to me please?
also please tell me how to make the face can animated too, thank you very much.


Can grab the latest ono, src on svn


did a new ono! tutorial


You want to go here Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread for that stuff. This thread is more about gameplay modding. Also, there is not enough bleach and fire for my eyes to unsee that Chug-ly


I’ve updated the “Moves” section some more I think I’ve reached a relatively simple to update/edit layout that I like. Now that I’ve started to figure out how tables work I’ll go back and re-do some of the lists I have as numbered bullet points and do them as tables instead.
Also I’ve added 2 new topics I realized were missing. Scripts and Script Header.

Feel free to edit the home page of the wiki and post the latest version of the Ono Tool whenever you update the tool (I already did it for this and the last update but I figure it’d be easier for you to just do it when you post the link on SRK just change the link on the main page of the wiki )


Maybe its not your intention, but i find that rather insulting as in your demanding we do this for you, there alot of behind the scenes that has to happen for these things to be done, no one has really touched ono in quite some time, I was perfectly fine with keeping things to my self, but if i fix something i would rather everyone get a chance to use, I never said I was not going to implament the script function, I just have not had a chance to do so.

However I have gone ahead and done so, new script button will now function, but before I release it, I need to test things a little more.


I’m not really interested in modding stuff, but does this tool (or any other) allow me to:

1- See the frame data numbers, startup, active and recovery for all moves and specials?
2- Play with the hitboxes on?


1 - Short Answer: Probably! Not-As-Short Answer: it’s not spelled out in plaintext, so you gotta do some math on it.
2 - No.


Thanks for replying, it’s strange how long PC SF4 has been out and those stuff weren’t added as a mod in training mode, they can be VERY useful!


i have a couple of suggestions if you don’t mind:

  1. configurable shortcut to run the game in Ono, for example besides File you could have a “Run Game” menu button (game executable path configurable in Preferences)

  2. all dropdown lists and checkbox flag fields should be distinguished from text input fields. a little downward arrow in the corner or a difference in cell background/style?

  3. this one is a bit wild, but can you make the whole thing tabbed? like Excel for example with tabs underneath:

it’s very chaotic to juggle and transition through all the invididual windows. not to mention the main window is kind of worthless and you have to keep getting back to it just to launch another section

error1: thanks for the lengthy video, i watched it all :smiley: things are easier to follow in this version of Ono and modifying an existing character is relatively simple

can you do a quick tutorial on how to copy special moves from one character to another? copy/paste a move script between characters doesn’t work… can it be added by hand? also what is R in front of light normals like R5LP?

  1. Yep

  2. Yep

  3. Can do it, not sure if it’s best route to go, too many variables right now, maybe have a separate interface selectable in options.
    I can see the benefits of doing it both ways.

Edit, New ono build, same link as before


R stands for “Rapid” it is for light attacks that are chained into. The only real difference is the cancel list for the move.


Updated the Moves section some more and changed some of the lists on attack table/cancels into tables.

When I finish the Moves Section I’ll move onto the Inputs section.

Thanks for the information, whenever I ask a series of questions the more information and/or examples you can provide me with the better I can make the wiki.


HI all.
I had given Sakura’s Hadoken to Abel and tested it.Thanks a million to Razor.
Because adding a projectile was tedious for characters like abel who don’t have a single vfx script.
But now its very easy to do so.


would be great… we get rid of the main window, we can retain current position in each tab (right now you have to scroll each time to where you left), pressing Help in the File Menu should open the wiki section for current selected tab…

a few more suggestions/notes:

  1. I can’t seem to remove/clear moves from the Cancel section, there’s not way to select the move since it’s a dropdown list (maybe have a checkbox near it then click remove to clear/delete selected items?). right now the work around is to make a DUMMY move, replace the current move with the DUMMY. then delete the DUMMY in Moves section.
  2. I added a charge move to Yun, but it doesn’t appear under Motion list options in the Moves section.
  3. what is the difference between Copy and Duplicate function?
  4. “Clear” option under the Most Recent Used list, sometimes it gets cluttered with irrelevant/no longer existing stuff
  5. “Close” option in File menu (to close current opened file)


After asking quite a few people who use it, it was decided it should not use a tabbed interface, sorry.

  1. Click next to the dropdown, it will select the row which you can then delete
  2. Not sure about that will have to check.
  3. Copy allows you to paste it elsewhere, duplicate makes a copy in the same field as the copy
  4. Can and will do that
  5. Can and will do that.


what is the downside of tabs? i can’t think of any…

  • with tabs everything is loaded and ready, you don’t have to launch individual windows of every section
  • unified menu across tabs, you don’t have to return to main window just to Save
  • when you have 2 instances of Ono running, you have only 2 workspaces instead of a lot of confusing windows
  • because you can’t have more than 1 tab with the same section, you avoid weird scenarios where you have 2 windows of the same section with different values that could corrupt your data

well, the Save part is the most annoying thing (having to return to main window each time). if you add a Save hotkey in all Ono windows, i’ll shut up :smiley:


Sure lol, I can do that.

Downside just from my perspective, is that sometimes i like to have more than one of the same window open, comparing ect.

Edit, Added a new little feature, down at the bottom of the window, math might be a bit off though…


damn, dude, that frame calculator is going to make some people’s day! Good shit, man.


razor5070: great addition. good job!
can you tell us how do you calculate the frames for testing purposes?

  1. can a Hitbox of Type: Reflect, reflect fireballs diagonally down? right now with UnkByte3 0/1/2 you have preset directions absorb/straight/diagonally up
    is it possible to revert the fireball in the opposite direction as a general rule instead of using a preset direction?

  2. Rose: when you absorb fireballs, you get a bonus damage on hit on your next Soul Spark. where is that bonus damage defined?

  3. Yun: can a move be restricted to be performed only when Genei Jin is active?

[S]can you please make a tutorial that covers how to add a new animation to a character?[/S]
[S]with 2 examples similar to these:[/S]
[S]- how to make Ryu shoot fireballs while in the air? this needs an air fireball launch animation…[/S]
[S]- give Ryu a move from another character: Sagat’s tiger knee[/S]