the infinite loading screen is probably beacuse it can’t find the right file, make sure abm didn’t accidentally delete or move the file


Sorry for my ignorance, but…I tried replacing El Fuerte with Rolento (I replaced all the files, I checked to see if there was something I forgot but it was all ok…), but the game doesn’t go past the loading screen…someone knows what could be wrong?

EDIT: sorry, I just noticed the PC deleted the voice files, that’s why it didn’t work. Now it works but it still freezes the game when I try to throw a knife.


Updated the “Physics” section of the Onowiki today. I was wondering if someone could shed light on the unlisted physics flags.

393222 (Seen in Ryu’s SRK as well as several other characters moves has a Raw value of 00060006)
131074 (Seen in Ryu’s EX Air Tatsumaki has a raw value of 00020002)
7340144 (seen in Ryu’s EX Air Tatsumaki has a raw value of 00700070)
17891601 (Seen on Guy’s Run has a raw value of 01110111)
0 (Seen in a number of Guy’s moves has a raw value of 00000000. I’m guessing that it’s just unused and unremoved data but I figured I’d mention it as it’s on a BUNCH of his moves.)
I’m sure there are others that I’ve forgotten.

If you know what they do exactly I’d love to know. And if possible maybe @Razor5070 could add them to the list so that you don’t have to put them in by going to the “display raw” and putting the value in manually.

Hopefully the stuff I’ve written up doesn’t become entirely useless when(if) @dantarion ever releases PandoraPy


as far as I’ve seen, any number in the physics flag as the same result as 1, ie 00060006 = 00010001
it’s not something I’ve tested though.


so I tweak around Juri’s hair especially the front part I made it side parted, and somehow in game it shows weird glow/ reflection
I use Emoappend and DDSrefedit, I wonder what I missed? is there any parameter to adjust?


Wrong thread, this is for the gameplay related modding. You want the graphics modding thread.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


I used to have a donate page but something happened to it ages ago.

Anyways, I have news for this thread!
Today, my new RGH xbox has arrived! Wooo!
Combined with my new laptop I got months ago, I know have the ability to run both AE and SFxT on console and on PC at 60fps with debugging tools. (Previously i was barely able to run either game, and the xbox i was using was prone to overheating, and didn’t belong to me)

So, as of today, I am going to finish adding PS3/XBOX (the BAC/BCM files are the same, unfortunetly, seems like textures are not?) support to Ono!


That’s good news! Congrats on the new xbawks.

I believe the textures are still the same, but the DDS headers can be weird sometimes. I think SFxT is more guilty of this than AE.


Any update on rolento animations working on both sides?


Decided to restart my “tweaked edition” mod as less of a rebalancing and more of a full blown “Super Edition” type mod where characters get new moves and extensive changes. Scrapped my old stuff started fresh. So far Cody, Sagat, Rose, and Guy are completely done. Some characters getting more changes than others of course depending on my understanding of the character. But also just trying to mix things up. Cody is the most buffed but also by far the most nerfed (Of course a lot of that has to do with the knife changes. Take those out of the list and he is much closer to the other characters in terms of buffs). I plan on giving every character at least 1 completely new thing in terms of how they work, a new move or a completely different properties for an existing move. Here are the notes so far if anyone is interested:

[details=Spoiler]Tweaked Edition Patch Notes:
All projectiles now cause 30% chip damage. Up from the standard 25%


Backwards walk speed increased from 0.024 to 0.028
Backwards dash recovery reduced by 3F to match the timing when canceled into a special move.
Forward throw damage increased from 130/140 to 140/150
Close LP hitbox widened to make it whiff less often against standing opponents.
Close LK is now a Low attack
Close MK Hitbox height increased and lowered in position to make it whiff less often on crouching opponents.
Far LP recovery reduced by 1F now +4/+7F
Far MP Is now special cancelable on hit/block
Far MK Hurtbox height reduced slightly and hitbox moved closer to foot on extended leg.
Crouching MK hurtbox on legs reduced in height by 10% distance traveled increased by 10%. Recovery reduced by 2F now -4F on block -1F on hit
Crouching MP recovery reduced by 1F now +5F on hit +2F on block
Jumping Attacks
Neutral Jump LK Hitbox height increased and damage increased from 40 to 50
Forward Jump MP Startup reduced from 9F to 6F attack causes a juggle state on airborne enemies. Active frames increased by 1F.
Forward Jump LK Hitbox increased in size
Forward Jump HP startup reduced from 11F to 7F
Command Normals
Jaw Breaker (B+MP) active frames increased from 4 to 6 increasing total frame count by 2F
Stomach Blow (F+MP) Juggle potential increased by 1. (F+HK - HK Ruffian Kick - F+MP is now possible) pushback on hit/block reduced slightly.
Crack Kick (F+HK) is now airborne from 8F until recovered. Hurtbox on extended leg moved up slightly during active frames.
Hammer hook (F+HP overhead attack) can now be canceled at any point into knife pickup. Also now forces standing on second hit. Hitstun increased to make it +4F on hit. Blockstun reduced to make it -5F on block.
Special Moves
Fake Badstone recovery reduced from 31F to 26F
Fake Badstone now has a proximity block box
Badstone now has a proper proximity block box for the entire duration
Badstone Can now properly be released between charge levels.
Badstone Startup reduced by 2F, charge time sped up by 25% - Now does 25% stun on block
LK Ruffian Kick can be now be super canceled on hit or block
MK Ruffian Kick can now be super canceled on hit or block active frames increased from 4F to 6F no change to total frame count
HK Ruffian Kick is now fully strike and projectile invincible from 1-6F and has had recovery reduced by 3F
EX Ruffian Kick projectile invincibility increased to start on 5F instead of 11F
EX Ruffian Kick can now be super canceled on hit or block
All Versions of Zonk knuckle now have the same startup time of 16F. Hurtbox on Level 3 Zonk reduced in height slightly during startup. Level 2 Zonk recovery reduced by 2F. Level 3 Zonk recovery reduced by 4F
All versions of criminal upper now do 70damage on first hit and 70stun on first hit.
New Moves
True Alpha Counter. Press Forward + HP and HK while in block stun to perform an alpha counter. The move costs 3bars, cannot be FADC on block or hit and does 100 damage. It resembles EX Zonk Knuckle but has an 8F startup and 34F recovery making it -15F if blocked. Performing Alpha counter causes you to drop the knife.
While Holding the knife walk speed is increased from 0.038 to 0.045 forwards and from 0.028 to 0.035 backwards.
While holding the knife Forward Dash frame count reduced from 18F to 16F and backwards dash distance increased and recovery reduced an additional 1F
Knife attacks now all do 25% chip damage on block (up from 8%/10%/12%)
Knife throw startup reduced by 3F (CH crouching HP - Knife Throw now possible)
Knife Throw now breaks armor on hit
standing MP, crouching MP, crouching HP with knife are all now special cancelable.
s.LP with knife recovery reduced by 1F making the move +4/+7F
s.LP with knife chained version now has a proper proximity block box
s.HP with knife now causes a techable knockdown on hit
Crouching knife attacks are now actually considered crouching
Knife is now considered “picked up” after 8F (down from 12F)
Knife Pickup input changed to down + 3K
Fake Knife throw total frame count reduced from 32F to 26F
Throws no longer cause you to drop the knife
Ultra 2 Pushback from dust portion removed on hit. Now recovers slightly faster on non-cinematic version. Dust portion now breaks armor and counters. Now at 0F after a juggle and -16F on block.
Close MP damage reduced from 70 to 65
Far Standing MP damage reduced from 90 to 80
Crouching HP damage reduced from 100 to 90
Forward HP damage reduced from 4060 to 4045
Forward HK damage reduced from 110 to 100
Crouching LP with knife damage reduced from 40 to 35
Crouching MP with knife damage reduced from 80 to 70
Crouching HP with knife damage reduced from 120 to 110
HP with knife damage reduced from 120 to 110
Angled Jump MP damage reduced from 80 to 65 hitbox slightly reduced in height after 1F
EX Zonk Knuckle Damage reduced from 9070 to 8050
All Zonk Knuckles charge time increased (Level 1 increased from 60F to 90F. Level 2 increased from 90F to 120F. Level 3 increased from 120F to 150F)
All Zonk knuckles damage reduced by 10 and stun reduced by 50
Criminal Upper tornado portion damage per hit reduced from 20 to 15. Stun reduced from 30 to 25 per hit. No change to chip damage. Total damage is now (LP - 115/145) (MP - 130/170) (HP - 145/190) (EX - 160/220)
Ultra 2 dust portion damage reduced. Total damage now 492 if all hits connect. Down from 506. No change to chip damage.


Close LK is now a low attack and has had its recovery reduced by 3F making it 0F/+3F
Close MP Hitbox Height increased to make it whiff on crouching less often
Crouching LP Hitbox height increased to more closely match his animation, still shorter than hand height but closer.
Crouching HP hitbox height increased, hurtbox height decreased should be a better AA now.
Crouching HK Slide changed. During the first 5F it becomes super cancelable on hit/block. Damage increased from 50 to 70 hitstun increased by 2.possible to space it to be +1F on block +5F on hit now for hitbox after first 5F.
Far LK can now be special canceled
Far HK active frames increased by 1F recovery reduced by 1F should be a better anti air now.
Jumping Attacks
Neutral Jump MP Active frames increased from 4F to 5F
Neutral Jump HK Now locks the opponent and Guy in place on hit until completed to allow both hits to connect MUCH more often. Similar to how it worked in the Alpha series.
Jump Forward MP active frames increased from 3F to 4F
Jump Forward HK Active frames increased from 3F to 4F
All versions of Senpukyaku have additional juggle potential earlier in the move, should allow more hits to connect after a juggle or perform new juggles.
All versions of Hozanto hitbox slightly widened.
LP Hozanto Startup reduced from 19F to 17F
MP Hozanto Startup reduced from 23F to 21F
HP Hozanto Startup reduced from 30F to 28F
HP Hozanto can now be dash canceled between the 22F and 24F (you can input it as early as 1F but the cancel occurs on 22F) this includes forward dash OR backdash.
HP Hozanto Pushback on block increased
EX Hozanto juggle potential increased by 1 on second hit.
Bushin Flip to Elbow Drop now causes chip damage and builds 10meter on whiff.
Run to Flip Kick hitbox adjusted to be a bit more consistent against crouching opponents
EX Izuna Drop damage increased from 170damage 180stun to 185damage 200stun
Sudden Stop can now be Negative Edged making it easier to perform Run - Stop pressure.
Ultra 1 now causes significantly less pushback on airborne hit for the 2nd 3rd and 4th hits and a small amount less pushback on the first hit. This only applies to hitting an airborne opponent. Combos such as Final Fight Chain - FADC - Ultra 1 are now possible mid screen.
New Moves
Bushin Flip Kick. Pressing any kick during a bushin flip will perform a variation of Guy’s neutral jump HK that allows him to keep some of the jump momentum and if it hits he can continue the juggle. The move is NOT an overhead and does 5050 damage. However it has a slightly faster startup than his NJ.HK and builds 20/4030 meter
Close LK is no longer special cancelable
HP Hozanto meter build on whiff reduced from 20 to 10
Ultra 1 final hit damage reduced from 196 to 181

Focus attack hitbox moved slightly forward.
Level 3 focus attack damage increased from 120 to 130
Close LP recovery reduced by 1 (Now 0/+3)
Far HP hitbox is now a projectile. Can now be super canceled on hit/block.
Crouching LP hurtbox moved back slightly closer to center of body. Damage increased from 20 to 25 pushback on hit slightly reduced to make combos a bit easier.
Crouching HP Hitbox widened for active frames 3-5 recovery reduced from 28F to 24F
Crouching MK active frames increased by 1F recovery reduced by 1F damage increased from 60 to 70
Crouching HK startup reduced from 9F to 8F recovery reduced by 3F should be -7F on block now
Jumping Attacks
Neutral Jump HP stun increased from 150 to 170
Neutral Jump HP now grants a small amount of air control similar to Honda’s NJ HP
Forward Jump LK damage increased from 30 to 35
Forward Jump MK damage increased from 60 to 65
Forward Jump HP stun increased from 150 to 170
Soul Spark stun increased from 50 to 100
LP Soul Spark recovery reduced by 4F (48F total)
MP Soul Spark recovery reduced by 1F startup reduced by 2F (49F total 21F startup)
HP Soul Spark startup reduced by 3F (50F total)
EX Soul Spark damage increased from 3070 to 4070
EX Soul Throw damage increased from 160 to 170
**All Soul Throws are now performed with QCB (214) + KICKS
All versions of Soul Throw have had their hitbox size increased
HP Reflect now builds 30meter on a successful reflect
All versions of Soul Reflect are now Armor Breakers
All non-ex versions of Soul Reflect damage increased from 50 to 60
EX Reflect is now projectile invincible until recovery starts damage increased from 50 to 80 stun increased from 100 to 130
LP Soul Spiral Damage increased from 100 to 120
MP Soul Spiral Damage increased from 100 to 110
EX Soul Spiral damage increased frm 120 to 130 stun increased from 100 to 125 is now invincible until 13F
Ultra 1 startup reduced from 12F to 10F
Far HP recovery increased by 2F

Forward Walk speed increased from 0.024 to 0.028
Backwards Walk speed increased from 0.02 to 0.024
Back Dash frame count reduced by 1F
Back Throw stun increased from 120 to 140
Close LP startup reduced from 6F to 5F pushback on hit/block reduced
Close LK Both hits are now special cancelable
Close HP Startup reduced from 10F to 8F
Far LK Both hits are now special cancelable
Far MP startup reduced from 10F to 8F
Far HP now causes a techable knockdown on hit (Sagat can NOT combo after)
Crouching LP recovery reduced by 1F (Now +1F/+4F)
Crouching MK damage increased from 65 to 70 hitbox moved forward closer to end of foot.
Crouching HK stun increased from 100 to 150
Jumping Attacks
Forward Jump LP startup reduced from 7F to 5F
Forward Jump MP startup reduced from 11F to 9F
Command Normals
Forward LK can now be canceled into overhead (Foward HP) during the startup portion.
Forward HP (overhead) is now +6F on counterhit (up from +4F)
Fake HK now builds 5 meter on whiff.
Special Moves
MP Tiger Upper Damage increased from 120 to 130 for grounded hit
HP Tiger Upper Damage increased from 120 to 140 for grounded hit
Angry Scar Tiger Upper (LP/MP/HP) stun increased from 100 to 125 for air hit meter gain increased from 30 to 40
EX Angry Scar Tiger Upper first hit juggle potential increased from 1 to 2
LK Tiger Knee damage distrubution changed from 9030 to 8040
MK Tiger Knee damage distribution changed from 10040 to 9050 blockstun on 2nd hit increased by 2F
HK Tiger Knee damage distribution changed from 11050 to 10060 blockstun increased by 3F for second hit
EX Tiger Knee 3rd active hitbox size increased to match 2nd active hitbox size
New Moves
Sagat now has a variation of his close MP that can be done as a command by pressing back MP (4MP) this version does 80 damage 100 stun and is NOT special cancelable. It has a 6F startup and 13F recovery making it -3F/+0F on block/hit
Far MP active frames reduced by 1F recovery increased by 1F (no change to frame advantage. Still +1/+4)
Forward Jump MP active frames reduced from 10F to 8F
EX Tiger Knee blockstun reduced by 2F [/details]

I’ll upload the files for it later today if you wanna mess with it.

I tried to get Avenue brawler to work again but I still can’t figure out why it wont save my .pkg file no matter what I do. O’ well. Anyways I included backup versions of the original files for Cody/Guy/Rose/Sagat which are unmodified and have “.normal” added to the end. I made it easy to simply extract into the main SF4 folder by including the folders in the zip file so they should just go to the correct directories on their own. Have fun. Feedback is welcome and requested :slight_smile:


Bushin Flip Kick and 8hk with guy can hit three times on a grounded opponent, you proably want to get rid of the first hit box for the on hit version.


Interesting, I was never able to get it to hit 3x but I had it do weird double hits. Never considered just removing the first hitbox ont he hit version. I thought that my idea of how to get it to look into place like it did in Alpha 3 was a pretty creative solution though. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll def do that. While the 4 characters I’ve done I feel are good enough to be “complete” I’m still gonna keep tweaking em as I think of things. For instance I gave Rose a variation of her Soul Throw that is usable while doing a forward or neutral jump and I altered some hitboxes/frame data on a couple of her normals just in the time since I posted the file. I’m hoping to give every character at least 1 new move even if its just something like Sagat being able to do a variation of his close MP as a command normal.


I’m modding Ryu right now and I wanted to make a new move with Hadoken as the base. I duplicated the Hadoken_L in scripts, and I wanted to change the VFX script that the move is linked to. However, any changes I make in the ETC section regarding "Unk"s is then reflected on the original, and vice versa. I don’t understand, aren’t they supposed to be independent of each other? Should I just make my own Hadoken script from scratch to avoid the hassle?


just save and reload the file after copying the script, this should have been fixed in the newer versions of ono! so check if you are using the most recent version.


Is the latest version 1.1.4847.16224? If so I still get that bug as well.


Is there any way to make a move’s hitbox hit projectiles but not opponents? I’m trying to make a “clearing beam” of sorts. How does fireball hit/durability/interactions work data-wise, in general? (example-Akuma’s 3-hit fireball beating 1 and 2 hitters)


yeah, hit flags
don’t hit standing
don’t hit crouching
don’t hit air

You can also do the opposite, where it will hit, but not interact with other projectiles by giving it an extra reflect hibox ( look at my rose mp spark ).

There is no durability system or anything with fireballs, they just trade hits.


Thanks for that. Sorry to be asking about something again, but what makes the program crash, and what can I do to make sure it doesn’t so I don’t lose my work? Sometimes when this happens it also refuses to load up the file I was working on, saying an index was out of range. I just replaced it with my backup file, but is there anything I can do when it won’t load up except forsake and replace it?


I’m not asking for this to be done, but I’m curious if it’s possible and how much work it would entail.

Would it be possible to modify Ono to read / write some of the basic data from SFxT that is known using the Vanilla files that @dantarion dumped last year? Stuff like hitbox size, hurtbox size, juggle potential, damage tables, and the move list. I really would love to poke around in that game but even though dantarion has recently come back we still don’t know when/if his mod tools will be released.

I imagine the work would be easier than just making a new tool from scratch but still rather work intensive and time consuming.


Is it possible? : Anything is possible.

Will it be done? : I can’t give you a definitive yes or no.
My opinion is that it’s very unlikely.