Here is my plan.
Create a loader that basically enables edition select to have mods included in the dropdown, as well as the “Ultra Concept” files.

Any other requests from you guys?


Can you make data copying/swapping possible again? Ex. Oni w/ Akuma move data, Chun Li w/ Fei Long move data, etc?


Are you talking about animations? You can already do that…you just can’t overwrite the included files.


Yes. Already possible, you mean with the launcher? Or has there already been another way to go about it without modifying the files, like changing associations? I’ve been out of the loop.


I downloaded this mod:

mod’s file it’s col.emz extension but in my “SteamApps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\resource\battle\chara\SKR” files are col.emb.

That means i can’t use it anymore, o there’s some way?


That mod is for vanilla SF4. You can convert it to AE format (which is really just a matter of extracting the contents of the emz bundle) using the tutorial linked in the first post of the skin-sharing thread.

You could also try this version (I think it’s the same mod) from the AE wiki:


I have a request, Stop stealing all of the good ideas?

But seriously, I’ve had a lengthy discussion about using this technique for mod selection.

IMO it’s a fantastic idea.


Anyone know what misc flag 16 does in the damage tables? I had originally assumed it was the new flag that says this is a hard knockdown and can be DWU’d as it appears on every hard knockdown. However USF4 1.0 Bison’s EX Headpress was flagged 16 on air hit and was able to be quick rised and now I’m confused.


ElenaBot that works with U2 so I can see if it’s possible to set up a match that goes on forever.


it allows delay rise, removed it from all the chars for the next remix version


this would be amazingly entertaining… more so than KenBot ultra-ing normals on reaction


So it was it potentially possible to DWU a quick risable move?


Is it just me or can you actually hit pushbox’s now? i’m hoping i just did it wrong but … so far it seems they can be hit now


I take that back, the flag has been changed from B to 1


The flag was always 1, B was the flag I found out initially that implements pushboxes, but I later figured out that it was pushboxes + other hurtboxes. My bad for never updating my original post ;p.


Don’t mean to double post but it’s a different subject.

Did anyone ever figure out why this occurs and how to fix this?


Yeah you mentioned that you’d figured that out but never posted it when I made this post a while ago:


whats the location of the moveset ( bcm/bac) files in usf4
i tried to change it for testing in several folders. but there was no change.


when i edit them using ono. the game slows and freezes at VS screen


@Anish The previous page should have all the info you need to get it working.


I understood the location of the bcm/bac files.
The newest ono was able to open the files but when I edited them , the game got frozen at vs screen and stopped working .
Try to explain me.