you’re right that for *.cos.emz mods you’ll need to raw dump the component files. If putting them in dlc\02_costume\battle\chara doesn’t work, you can replace the files in resource\battle\chara instead (make sure you backup your files first).


So it means I can only put one costume at a time, isn’t it?


Yes, if you haven’t purchased the DLC pack.


I see. Well, I’ll have to get it somehow (or somewhere >:().
I really appreciate your help and if I have time, I’ll be ‘transforming’ some costumes already done previously on SFIV to AE this week.


oookay, so i wanna make a sakura costume with seethrough shirt (minus sleeves, cuz she lacks arms) and skirt, with glowing buruma and undershirt. Problem lies in the fact that 1. Sensibeat’s tute says that dxt1s can’t handle semi-transparency… and 2. The link to the part that was supposed to help with this is down…

What I need to know is how’m I s’posed to pull this off? And nobody say “yank reeeeally hard” cuz I’ll pop ya in the head.


OK I am still confused by the tutorial on Vanilla MODS into AE, I saw the video tut and the written but the costume wont show up.

I am using this costume as my example because I like it,

I dl it and it comes with a RYU_01.cos.emz. I drag that into SF4Explorer and RAW DUMP all files which give me 3 files, RYU_01.nml, RYU_01.shd.emo, and RYU_01.cos.emz . I go to my H:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\resource\battle\chara\RYU and backup those exact files to be replaced with the ones I just got from the RAW dumps.

Load up SSF4AE go to training mode, select col 1 for Ryu ( I have nothing unlocked as the unlocked doesnt work with the new patch), yet Ryu looks like the original Ryu not the modded one. What am I doing wrong?

Another question, I downloaded the NEO tokyo training stage from the AE mods site and he has a few files I dont know what to do with. the ones that comes with his stage select files, there is the stage select and then theres img2.emb.emz and img3.emb.emz. Where do those 2 files go?


Thanks <3. Finally managed to get it to work. :slight_smile:


Alright, I’m new to this, and I’m already stuck at something I thought was gonna be simple… I’m trying to change my title screen into this Using this guide:

But when I get to the part where I inject it back into the EMZ file, it keeps telling me that it’s not the right size… Even though I’ve got it down to 1MB which is apparently the size of the original .DDS file, which is annoying me… The only thing I could see different between them is that one is 1.00 MB (1,048,736 bytes) and the other is 1.00 MB (1,048,704 bytes), and I have no idea how to get the size down by exactly 32 bytes if that’s the case… >_> Hlep plz?

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

So. I’ve tried scaling zangief up by 10%, to 1.1.

I extracted every individual file of zgf_01.obj.emo, and used the model-transform function in misfit model to scale every file. I then re-injected each file back.

most of the model looks fine. But his eyes are all sunken in, and his hands look weird and crazy.

Can anyone give me guidance on how I would go about scaling the whole model of a character?



The skeleton will cause problems if you try to scale the whole model. The eyes can just be moved around to the correct position, but it’s hard to get it exactly right all the time, due to the aforementioned skeleton issue. The hands are the same thing. Probably leaving his the same size is your best bet to avoid skeletal weirdness, and most SF4 characters have disproportionately large hands by default anyway.

It’s most likely a compression issue. You need to open the original DDS in Nvidia’s WTV tool to see what kind of DXT compression they used and then save yours with the same level of compression. If you have the same resolution and the same compression, they should come out to exactly the same filesize.

Something has gone wrong if you still have a *.cos.emz file afterward. Instead, you should have a RYU_01.bsr, RYU_01.nml.emb, RYU_01.obj.emo and RYU_01.shd.emo. For the model tweaks, the obj.emo is really the important one.

Yes, semi-transparency only works on DXT5. However, the hi-res files I made for Sakura have been modified to accept DXT5 instead of DXT1. :wink:

@Ex Nihilo
Glad you got it going :smiley:

lol @ the endian change. At least you figured it out. I get stumped by that kinda stuff and never get past it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats cool! and yes they do load at the beginning


[LEFT]sensibeat, i am not sure what you mean. what i have done is to create a *.txt with the name of the initial *.csb and replaced it with the empty *.txt file (which is a *.csb by then). however unlike vanilla, this leads to endless loading screen, meaning its not working.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]is it beacuse i have the steam version?[/LEFT]


And that method worked in Vanilla? :eek:
Try this one (you can change AFR for whatever stage you want):
I used a blank .adx, copied it, repacked the 2 blank .adx into 1 .aax, copied it 2 times and imported the 3 blank .aax into the .csb (using goshanes’ SFIVAM for every steps).


make sure you match the mip map setting
if it says 1/11 mip map in WTV then when you save put your mip map at 11


Thanks Hunter :slight_smile: Do I just inject these like I would normally?


Yes, they should accept 1024x1024 DXT5 DDS textures, IIRC. You’ll still have to edit the obj.emm with alphablend or whatever.


Thanks a lot, man :slight_smile: I should have something to show either tonight or tomorrow… as I have work now… flies away


I see. :confused:

I’ve never really gotten the hang of 3d modeling. How would I go about moving the eyeballs a bit forward or backward in misfitmodel?


extract the eyes model, select everything and hit the ‘m’ key to move it. You’ll have to figure out which direction they need to go. If I remember correctly, moving it downward in the upper-left pane, it moves them forward in the model.


Ok, real nitpicky, but I’m trying to remove the “keyboard hint” icon and text from the character select screen.

I was only able to remove the text portion by hex editing the resource\ui\chara_select\localize\ENG\chara_select.m4s file. In a hex editor, at the end of the file, you’ll see the keyboard hint text. Just replace the letters with spaces and the text won’t show up.

The trouble I’m having is getting rid of the F1 button icon. I looked through all of the emz files and could not find an F1 button graphic. I only found a blank keyboard button icon (forget where), so I think it’s just using that one and displaying it with the corresponding text over it. I just can’t figure ou how to get rid of the reference that causes it to be shown on screen. There’s a reference in the same file: ID_PRESS_F1_HELP. I’m not sure what this does, but if I modify it, the “keyboard hint” text comes back. Perhaps the program sees something doesn’t match up and it defaults to one of the chara_select.m4s files in another language folders.

Any thoughts on how to remove that pesky icon?