Congrats Anotak and team on the 1.0 release of SFRemix!


Question, why do some EX moves build meter while others don’t? I noticed this first with Cody because he gains a healthy chunk on his Badstone, Knife Throw and Ruffian Kicks but it’s also on Ryu’s solar plexus strike.

Also, why did you decide to make Cody slow down walk and dash speed so much when holding the knife?

A few things about I’m not sure if you did intentionally so I thought I’d bring it up

Cody cannot EX cancel his Zonk on the second hit, neither can his EX Criminal Upper tornado. I only mention this because all of the characters I tested could cancel on any hit even with attacks that were airborne like Sagat’s Tiger Knee or Akuma’s tatsu.

Cody’s crMP with knife gains no meter on counterhit

Guy’s LK Overhead gains no meter on hit or block.


There are inconsistencies. You know how it is


honestly we’ve been working on this for 5 years, and having even as many testers as we did and careful attention, things just slip through the cracks. when we do a 1.1, i’ll look into making sure these errors are corrected, thank you for letting us know. sometimes mistakes happen and just don’t get caught, that’s the sad reality of any game development project, but at the same time, we should’ve paid more attention. thanks for trying it out too, hope you enjoy it despite those inconsistencies.

as far as cody moving differently with a knife, it was a design choice to make it feel different and more “heavy” in contrast to his non-knife mode, and in knife mode he is very very strong in general.


O I know how it is, I just assumed there might be some design reason for some of those things. You guys are smart and all and have a bunch of testers while I was only at it for like 45 minutes before I found those things.

As for knife mode, I agree it is pretty strong. It’s fun doing kcrHP - jump cancel - kjHP - kcrHP - JC - kjHP loops, you can get like 450 damage meterless like that but the timing is really strict, might be character specific I only tried Ryu. Was a little sad he couldn’t special cancel any jump normals into Air Knife throw but the juggles he gets on jumping knife is already pretty crazy.

Was it intentional to make his knife do the same chip per hit as it did in Super even though the damage overall is lower? His crHP does 10 chip still at 85 damage but his sHP does 10x3 chip at 90 damage on hit. That seems intentional but I just was personally curious because of the coincidence that it was the same as super.

Could you make his crack kick airborne like in USF4? :stuck_out_tongue:

Props on fixing his crouching knife normals not being crouching, I thought that might end up getting overlooked.

Also, it’s a small thing, but maybe you could add the change to Cody/Makoto’s forward dash that were added post-super. I dunno if they did it for anyone else but because Makoto/Cody dash head first into opponents it leaves them farther away than many characters so in I think AE they made it so that there was no pushbox on their heads during their forward dash. I’d add that to Sakura too personally but they never did. Elena has a bit of a problem with this as well. Just a suggestion.

Cody def feels super strong, and the air time you can get on EX Knife Throw is hilarious.


Great work on everything.


Congrats on 1.0 and awesome job, all around. A total conversion like this is an immense amount of effort and you guys deserve a beer/pizza/pat on the back :slight_smile: I shudder to think how many man-hours you guys have invested in it, and it certainly shows in both depth and polish.

Obviously, some things are going to fall through the cracks. SF4 isn’t a perfect, bugless game and each update has included simple bugfixes for exactly that sort of thing. As hobbyists, you guys should be hella proud.

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Thank you so much. There’s definitely been a lot of hours poured into this project, and we’ve seen a lot of mods come and go doing this thing, and honestly what drove us was just making a thing that people wanted to play, and learning along the way.

I don’t think we’d have the same willpower if there weren’t people helping us test it and streaming it and giving us feedback of course, so much props to them.



knife chip: yes, chip in remix is just not proportional to hit damage intentionally. We tried to choose it on a per-move basis.

crack kick: hmm I thought it already was, guess we’ll have a look at that. we wanted 1.0 to be final and release 1.1 a few months down the line, but a few major glaring issues have been found and so we might have to release much sooner.

head pushbox: whoops something that slipped through the cracks when we basically “forked” during SSF4

thanks for the info!


Yeah you still have the frames that crack kick was originally supposed to be airborne set to an empty state like it was up till USF4.

Not related to the mod itself but the notes, you migh wanna consider adding that Cody can EX move cancel some of his specials, like EX MK Ruffian can cancel into any other EX move, ect.

Having some trouble finding uses in terms of juggles for his Zonk, since it starts at 99 juggle on ground it prevents most followups outside of a normal hit reset or some EX moves and it’s hard to use the 21JP on it to combo into anything, any suggestions? As it’s own move it’s quite good vs a lot of stuff since it doesn’t require charge, though releasing 1 button is easier than a DP input it being available on demand is super helpful. Just hoping you had a suggestion or two.

Cody having L-M-H chains is sooooo good since his farHK always makes sure that from nearly any touch he’ll be in range for a full combo.

Really feels like you did A LOT for Cody, more than even some of the other characters I’ve tried but I haven’t gone quite as indepth.

Ryu’s EX fireball is so awesome XD


Yo, first time poster, long time modder. I decided to take the (deep) dive into SF modding and I’ve got a quick question. I’m trying to slowly work out how to do a full model conversion and I’ve finally got to the step of having Cammys model fully in 3DS Max and fully the skeleton fully intact. One of the things I noticed though is nearly every bone has a ENV bone attached to them, can I delete these or do I just have to rig around them when I finally do get my model to the rigging stage? Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, its a bit hard to search.


should probably ask in here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread where most of the discussion regarding character models would take place since that is where custom outfits and such are created.


a lot of the mentioned issues should be dealt with, thanks for the help

this is likely the last version barring any major game breaking bugs or infinites


That looks pretty cool!

Thanks for all your help with my mod, I would never have been able to complete it, haha. You guys still put way better work into your than me, though.

Did dantarion ever work on ono for sfxt? I have a hankering to start modding again


Nah, he was going to do something called PandoraPi, he dumped a lot of the info here: this is pre-2013 stuff, he got bored of SFxT and dropped it and really no one else seemed to have interest in finishing the work. Shame because I was interested in modding it too, especially to see how different the mechanics were with things like hurtboxes/crush system/reflects/stances/ect.

SFRemix stuff I noticed if you ever do another patch I decided to bring up, none of this is gamebreaking like an infinite so expect they wont get fixed, just letting you know incase an infinite IS found and you do another patch. As usual this is Cody stuff because he is my main so I explore him more than anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. You forgot to mention in the patch notes that you made crack kick airborne
  2. Cody cannot EX cancel the EX Low Ruffian or regular low ruffian, maybe intentional I dunno. The only situation it’s useful is after a F+HK or sweep where you can juggle airborne opponents after an EX Ruffian followup.
  3. Badspray still has the bug that is in USF4 where spray from face down vs face up have wildly different recoveries, face up has IIRC 20F more recovery than face down. In classic SF4 this is doesn’t change much as the only techable face down KDs are from wallbounces which are fairly rare, however there is more wallbounces in SFRemix.
  4. Badspray is not super cancelable which kind of sucks, that was added in super along with making it hit twice.
  5. Badspray face up and face down have different invincibilities, one is strike + projectile for 10 other is only strike for 10F. In AE they made both fully invincible for those same frames.
  6. Cody can’t dash cancel into any of his close standing kicks (clsLK/MK/HK)
  7. You didn’t fix the head pushbox issue for Cody that you fixed for Makoto which both of them got in AE update. It’s more important that Makoto got it though as dashes are a way bigger part of her character, especially in Remix where she can dash cancel everything.


Guys this is kind of off topic but, recently the homebrew scene for nintendo 3ds had some progress, so much that its now possible to dump and modify and run modded game code onto an existing original cart.

Could this lead to a SSF4 Remix on 3ds modifyng the existing data? Im not asking for someone to do it just asking if its possible.

Maybe just the official USF4 balances (without the new chars I guess)


It’s possible. I assume it would be pretty difficult, though, since things aren’t stored as discreet files there, I assume.


it’s a shame though, SFxT would be the more interesting game to mod imho
it’s a tag team game, there could be more interesting interactions… and also the game is more flexible (scriptable menus, hitboxes and frame data is simpler to modify…)

too bad the game had such a shit netcode on PC, i’d still play it :frowning:


Yea, alot of these console game files are encrypted or in a priority format


I’m lost with some annotations (even after reading the Ono!Edit FAQ) and would like some clarifications:

  • TgtAnimTime = Hitstun and Blockstun ?
  • SelfHitstop + TgtHitstop + TgtAnimTime = Frame advantage ?


hey we did a 1.2