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This is going to save a huge amount of time.

yeah, that looks awesome, Dantarion! I copied it onto the wiki.

fyi - That fireball/block sound mod does work great in AE and it is not too loud at all. I actually like the vanilla announcer in it as well. :slight_smile: maybe throw it on the wiki.

The projectile hits sound way better IMO.

Anyone using my editor, please come in #sf4-modding, there is a lot of undocumented stuff and if we help each other out, we can make the program better and write documentation on how things really work.

Thanks for reposting this here. I am still trying to figure out how this file can be edited to remove the old announcer and just take the sounds of the blocks and fireballs.

supdawg79 posted a mod for the arcade block and fireball sounds for AE a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it ever since and it does not have the old announcer. Here is the link to the thread:

Hello. I registered to the forum in hope that one of you can help me out with something that is frustrating me. I am in the process of editing all SSFIV:AE’s colours (no model editing, just creating some nice palette swaps). The problem I am having is with Zangief. I have tried to colour his hair to turn into a more brownish colour but no matter how light I make his hair, it is always showing up as black in-game. His beard isn’t as drastically affected as his mohawk and his chest hair, no matter what I do, his chest hair and mohawk remain black. Why is this happening and what can be done to fix it?

PS: I think it is also happenning with Balrog’s hair (the boxer).


Hey guys can anyone mod the stages just like the one on ssf4 ae wiki page of Festival at the old temple where all the people were removed… it’s so much less distracting and it better runs on slower pcs… Hope someone will mod the stages thank you in advance :wink: (You can remove all the animals and people but leave everything else if you want so there is some movement on stages…)

Or if someone can post a link to where i can learn to do that…

I think the guy who made the temple stage you mentioned is busy working on some/all of the other stages, but if you want to do some, too, just open the stage in piecemontee’s Asset Explorer (aka sf4viewer) and toggle off (via the right-click menu) anything that starts with #EMG. You should be able to left-click on them to see a preview before toggling.

i try but the models are all messed up like some artifacts… maybe it doesn’t work on ae…

shit, sloth86, that looks extremely useful! Thanks for sharing it!

Can anyone help with my Zangief problem? Thanks

@yoroshikuonegais himasu
The first thing I would try would be changing the material in the obj.emm file to see if that helps. Kraga Phan’s specularity trick might have an effect, too, though I kinda doubt it.

I thought I’d get a quicker answer here.

I have an Akishop PS360, how do I get to use my stick? PS360 is not capable of inputting XY Axis. Do I have to resort to using XPadder?


I found out some more stuff reading source code. I used your screenshots here, and wrote my explanations in red

2nd part of the emo contains skeleton info

offset 00: E0 number of entries (224 in decimal) = total number of nodes

offset 04: 11 ?

offset 08: 40 1st part = skeleton start offset. here the data are 80 bytes (224 blocks). each block represents a node

offset 40: parent node of this node. FFFF if there is none (ie this is a root node)
offset 42: ID number of this node
offset 44, 46, 48: child node1, 2, and 3. FFFF if none
offset 4A-4F: always a bunch of 00s
offset 50-8F: the joint matrix of this node. Consists of 16 float decimals. Written as a matrix, it’s:
[ 1 0 -0 | 0]
[ 0 1 -0 | 0]
[-0 -0 1 | 0]
[ 0 0 -0 | 1]

offset 0C: 4D40 index of offsets of the 224 names

1st name’s offset: *50C0. *These are the names of all the nodes.

offset 18: 4640 end of 1st part, “00 00 00 00 FF FF 00 00” written 224 times

offset 1C: 5B30 2nd part, here the data are 64 bytes (224 blocks)

offset 20: 9330 end of 2nd part, bunch of datas


has anyone figured out what it takes to switch around stages? in vanilla it was easy, but simply renaming seems to cause a black stage.

you should be able to replace them by renaming and then open in a hex editor and find-and-replace all of the 3-letter name abbreviations (TRN or whatever) with those of the one you’re replacing.

Thanks for replying. Can someone give me a bit more information please? How do I change the material in the obj.file? And change it to what? Thanks.

@yoroshikuonegais himasu
You have to open the obj.emm file in a hex editor, find the offending section (probably named ‘hair’ in your case), then locate the material (it’s the first thing after the name; probably something SpcBumpBrush or something like that). Overwrite that material with that of something else that you were successful modifying, like his body material or his boot material (make sure you don’t add/subtract any text; it needs to stay the same size). You can also try NanjouJ’s MatEdit tool (get it from the ‘tools’ page on the wiki), which alleviates the need for manual hex editing.