thank you Hunterk,
but when I download a skin mod I have only two files.
1 - .emb
1 - .emm

Did you watch the video ? If you did then you’ll notice that the guy have 5 files …
he deletes the .bsr and he replaces the 5 new files extract from the vanilla.
I did it but I have a problem because I’m stuck at the screen stage loading …

any idea ?


Yes, those 2 files are the components that made up the *.col.emz bundle in vanilla. If you’re just changing the color and not the model, those will be the only files you need.

Rename them to whichever slot you want them in and then overwrite what’s already there (make sure you backup your files first).


um so im kind of confused with how to implement costume mods? what do i need to download and what are the steps? i’m not trying to make anything just download already made costumes for me to use.


for non-AE characters (everybody but the twins, E. Ryu and Oni), their costume and color files are in the resource/battle/chara directory.

The files are numbered corresponding to “costumes” (the actual 3D model) and “colors” (the painted textures that go onto those models). For example, any files named ZGF_01.* are parts of Zangief’s first (default) costume, while ZGF_01_01.col.emb and ZGF_01_01.obj.emm are the color files that correspond to Zangief’s first color slot for the first costume. ZGF_02.* files are the second costume (a.k.a. Alt 1), and ZGF_02_02.col.emb and ZGF_02_02.obj.emm are the files that represent the second costume’s second color slot, and so on.

Most of the skins currently on the wiki do not include costume files and are meant to be used with the standard Capcom costumes. In this case, you would only have–for example–the ZGF_01_04.col.emb and ZGF_01_04.obj.emm files, which are meant to be used with the first (default) costume and overwrite the fourth color slot. If you would rather it go into another slot, you can just rename them (e.g., ZGF_01_02.col.emb and ZGF_01_02.obj.emm if you want it to go into the second slot instead).

Likewise, if you download a mod that contains RYU_01.bsr, RYU_01.nml.emb, RYU_01.obj.emo, RYU_01.shd.emo (the costume files), as well as RYU_01_03.col.emb and RYU_01_03.obj.emm (the color files), they will all go into resource/battle/chara/RYU and replace both his first costume and third color. As before, you can rename them to overwrite whatever you want.

Make sense?


Thank you very much buddy.
I’ve finally underdstood :slight_smile:


ok i think i get but i have one question. would replacing one of the colors permanently overwrite the color that i have to take it’s place?


it works great but … I have a trouble with the animation before and after the fight … face doesn’t fit well.
Do you have any clue to fix it ?


yes, that’s why you have to make backups of the original files

no real fix, you can try to edit the obj.ema like recycler did for mini dictator, but its risky if you don’t know what you’re doing

I prefer not to mess with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey thanks sensibeat for the fast answer.
Do you know by any chance what kind of language it is ?


basic texture editing in AE:

Juri’s 1st costume files:
JRI_01.bsr : you won’t use that
JRI_01.nml.emb : contains the normal map dds
JRI_01.obj.emo : contains the model
JRI_01.shd.emo : you won’t use that

Juri’s 1st costume 1st color files:
JRI_01_01.col.emb : contains the texture dds (I’ll only use that file for the example)
JRI_01_01.obj.emm : contains the material properties of the different parts of the model

Open JRI_01_01.col.emb and extract the dds: that’s the image(s) you’re gonna work on:

you should have that now:

edit it in a program like photoshop, gimp or what you want:

inject it back in the file with sf4exploer:

You have made your first mod:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread
Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread
Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

I tryed to do that, but had dificulties wen comes to save it… dunno on wich format save it :S on photoshop don’t gimme any option. Also the addon program for can do it with PS is from NVIDIA, and i have ATI (hd5670) and don’t know if is coz of that, but PS drops me error wen i install the nvidia’s addon program.


You can use the Nvidia plugin just fine with ATI hardware. Go read the ‘updated skinning tutorial’ on the vanilla wiki. It goes over the saving process (in short, run the original DDS through Nvidia’s Windows Texture Viewer (WTV) program to find out what kind of DDS compression was used, and then save yours using the same).

Also, guys, can we take it easy on the image quotes? They make it hard to scan the thread. They’re necessary sometimes, of course, but if you’re just trying to let someone know that you’re responding to them, the @[name] convention does the trick just fine. :smiley:


You shouldn’t quote images, it’s forbidden on these boards, you could get an Infraction for that.


:open_mouth: I hadn’t seen “crazy bumps” from that link before. Looks extremely handy!


All the cool kids are using it. :sunglasses:


Please, two things…

I’d like to see a picture of Juri pouring oil on herself.

Thank you for combining the two characters I use (Juri/Blanka)


How can I open an ema file ?
I would like to edit but I really don’t know how to open it.
Thanks by advance for any clue.


Sorry I wasn’t really clear in my former post but I’m not sure you should try editing the ema.
You need to use some hexadecimal editor and erase some parts.
Tho it’s trial and error to find what to erase.
You have to find datas that look like those recycler posted for pocket vega, but it won’t necessary be the same data you’ll need to erase for your character.


Alright :slight_smile: thanks.
I’m going to try. I have some knowledge in dev :wink:
I use to type code everyday :stuck_out_tongue: so I’m not scared about it.
But if I find somethin’ interesting I’ll post here.


Ok, i wont anymore.