basic texture editing in AE:

Juri’s 1st costume files:
JRI_01.bsr : you won’t use that
JRI_01.nml.emb : contains the normal map dds
JRI_01.obj.emo : contains the model
JRI_01.shd.emo : you won’t use that

Juri’s 1st costume 1st color files:
JRI_01_01.col.emb : contains the texture dds (I’ll only use that file for the example)
JRI_01_01.obj.emm : contains the material properties of the different parts of the model

Open JRI_01_01.col.emb and extract the dds: that’s the image(s) you’re gonna work on:

you should have that now:

edit it in a program like photoshop, gimp or what you want:

inject it back in the file with sf4exploer:

You have made your first mod:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread
Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread
Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

I tryed to do that, but had dificulties wen comes to save it… dunno on wich format save it :S on photoshop don’t gimme any option. Also the addon program for can do it with PS is from NVIDIA, and i have ATI (hd5670) and don’t know if is coz of that, but PS drops me error wen i install the nvidia’s addon program.


You can use the Nvidia plugin just fine with ATI hardware. Go read the ‘updated skinning tutorial’ on the vanilla wiki. It goes over the saving process (in short, run the original DDS through Nvidia’s Windows Texture Viewer (WTV) program to find out what kind of DDS compression was used, and then save yours using the same).

Also, guys, can we take it easy on the image quotes? They make it hard to scan the thread. They’re necessary sometimes, of course, but if you’re just trying to let someone know that you’re responding to them, the @[name] convention does the trick just fine. :smiley:


You shouldn’t quote images, it’s forbidden on these boards, you could get an Infraction for that.


:open_mouth: I hadn’t seen “crazy bumps” from that link before. Looks extremely handy!


All the cool kids are using it. :sunglasses:


Please, two things…

I’d like to see a picture of Juri pouring oil on herself.

Thank you for combining the two characters I use (Juri/Blanka)


How can I open an ema file ?
I would like to edit but I really don’t know how to open it.
Thanks by advance for any clue.


Sorry I wasn’t really clear in my former post but I’m not sure you should try editing the ema.
You need to use some hexadecimal editor and erase some parts.
Tho it’s trial and error to find what to erase.
You have to find datas that look like those recycler posted for pocket vega, but it won’t necessary be the same data you’ll need to erase for your character.


Alright :slight_smile: thanks.
I’m going to try. I have some knowledge in dev :wink:
I use to type code everyday :stuck_out_tongue: so I’m not scared about it.
But if I find somethin’ interesting I’ll post here.


Ok, i wont anymore.


Very good news :slight_smile:
I took chun li and applied deejay template on her using your method sensibeat.
Then I edit the ema file easily and I can say that you could do that as well with or without any knowledge in dev.
All you have to do is download a good hex editor and then replace the lines between “head” and “hen” …
Tomorow I’ll try to make a chun li using ryu or ken combat style and try to replace hurrican kick animation by her original kick.


Is this the sexy oil-covered action you were looking for?


is it possible to make a mod that will allow each character to use the first and second ultra combo together during the fight (a player can do first or the second Ultra Combo during the fight and not be limited to only one of two ultra combo)???


LMAO sure


OMG… i will have nightmares now T-T


as I said before it can be fix.
I made a Chun li using Evil ryu’s move. :slight_smile:


uh oh, I’m fucking around with Evil Ryu and the value that usually does the multi fireballs glitch doesn’t anymore. I’m gonna have to work on that, otherwise shit’s gonna be Not So Koryu


There’s an easy way to store most of the mods without having to touch the original files: using the dlc folders overpasses the original ones.

It’s obviously not working for AE characters who already use those folders (for mods for Oni, ERyu & twins you’ll still have to go the old way and make backups)

put costumes+colors mods in : dlc/02_costume/battle/chara (each character as a folder there and only their last costume is here from the start)

put stages mods in : dlc/03_character_free/battle/stage (only updated stages vfx are here from the start)

put stages bgm mods in : dlc/03_character_free/battle/sound/bgm (only AE characters bgm are here from the start)

It should work for other mods as well (ui, hud…).

Simply erase the mod from the folder and you go back to the original stuff.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

Nice find, sensibeat!