Modding the Blaze Twin Shock(Pics Included)


Ok I cut this stick in half. It was a giant ass one now its 2 little small ones.

Actual stick

My one, cut in half

i had to use a really ghetto method to cut it in half. I had no saw or angle grinder so I had to solder right through the plastic of the stick. Pretty funny, right? :lovin:
Thats why there’s huge ass lumps of hard melted, plastic along the side.

Here’s the buttons

From what I gather, the actual buttons( Square, X Triangle etc) and much bigger and feel different than those Slow, Turbo and Clear buttons.

The buttons are very like the Seimitsu PS-14-G

I didnt take the buttons off the PCB, but you can se them fine.

The stick is very similar to the Seimitsu LS-32-01.

And here’s the balltop dis-assembled

Here’s the PCB

The buttons are directly soldered on to the PCB.

And here’s the actual stick part

I wanna fit some Sanwa buttons in there. And a new Sanwa stick. Forgive me if some of the info is wrong. If you need better pics I can take them. I just wnana know what procedure I would have to take. Also what kind of measurements I need to take into a/cc when doing this. I really wanna mod this stick as I have 2 small ones from one big one and modding two will mean I have 2 Sanwa modified stick. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Any old threads on here that you wished you saved?

Wow, that is so ghetto.


dude you should have used karate chop to cut it in half…

lol…whats next?


Desolder the buttons, solder some wires and QD’s and you’re set to go.


Man, should’ve just sold it and got an hrap if you were gonna mess it up like that. :sad:


Should have left it one piece. Otherwise, why in the hell did you get it in the first place?




Wtf is all i can say… :amazed:


lol seriously


haahah awesome!


r u serious ?


Damn =( why would you do that?


he’s irish


funny thing is that he sounded pretty enthusiastic when he was going to buy it a few months ago (he posted about it in the noobie thread). and look what he’s done to it now. :rofl:

.[not so ninja edit].

enthusiastic? you decide.


Probably going more for the shock factor now that I think about it. I’d be freaked out if I was in a tourney and some guy showed up next to me with this. :wow:


LOL. I suppose, but I have the stick now, so I may aswell keep going. It was so ghetto tho what I did.

@ Streak:

I had no idea what the stick was like so I chanced my arm. May as well mod it now tho

@ master Chibi

LOL, for real. The Irish are known for drinking and fighting, not for using-uber-ghetto methods for cutting sticks in half. Get your facts right son. I mean that as a joke, I’m not taking offense.


haha. that’d be awesome.


You could probably stab someone with the rugged edge if you lost a money match or something. LOL


ROFL! i just read that


Are you going to leave the edge like that? Or are you going to cover it up with duck tape or something?