Modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3

question about the sanwa JLF microswitches…is it possible to put these switches into the stock HORI FS3? I am thinking of doing that and getting an LS-33 spring for this stick and making it backup once I get my v3 sa or better


Not really… I’ve had this trouble and to remedy the issue I recommend drillling out the stripped screw. It’s the best solution. Use something like a Craftsman “screw out” set.

With the mounting plate removed if you do a complete flush mount there are no clearance issues with the JLF stick. Meaning when shaving out the interior of the mounting brackets and while using a 1/4" drill bit just go all the way through each hole.

You will have ZERO clearance issues this way but with the mounting plate still attached the stick mount will be too tall for the box.

After stripping all four screws, I had to use the drill and drill downwards on the stick, and took off the heads of the screws. This took a long time, probably 5-10 minutes per scew using my power drill - standard drill bit. They are really bolted down with nuts on the underside of the JFL stick. Thank fully after drilling off the heads, you can just push the nuts off.

Then while watching a youtube video, “Modding a Wii Hori stick with Sanwa Parts” , I ended up flush mounting the stick, so that the JFL sits right up against the upper part of the Hori FS3 case. By doing this, it seems that the sanwa shaft can clear the bottom of the Hori FS3 Case. Need to test further, as I see alot of people grinding down the base of the shaft, or thinning the bottom of the Hori case.

Yup, it appears as though I can attach the bottom of the case on, rotate the stick, and no grinding on the bottom. Hope this is right.

Thanks to all you fellow modders.

Edit: Missed the post directly above. Thanks. The Stick does seems a little high compared to the stock Hori. Shouldn’t be a problem with adjusting.

I have the ps3 version of the fs3 but i want it to be compatible with a 360, what are my options?

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It says that it is unavailable to work on a 360 because of a security chip that the 360s use.
Is this up to date or is there a firmware upgrade that can bypass it?
It seems like my only option is to get a ps360 although those are out of stock right now, I need something in about a week. Would it be possible to buy a 360 controller and try to replace my psb with that?

edit: after looking at the 360 controller’s pcb it doesn’t look possible :frowning:

the only way i can think of is the redo the pcb wiring with just the chimp board.

look into convertors…

when i was soldering my Hori FS3 i seem to have burned of the silver ring that attaches the push button to the mother board. is there any alternative to attach the push-button to the mother board please help me i would appreciate it.FYI its the X button also here are the pictures.

That is Ground.
Just hook it up to another Ground point.

Thank you but i am kinda of a newbie can you tell me how to do that.

Okay i get it so i extend the connection and connect it to the other connection show in the the other connection that belong there will still go in there as if nothing was there right.And please Correct me if I’m wrong

I have a small question about the microswitches in the stock FSWii Hori stick.

I am currently getting my asciiware PS1 stick PCB (That stick that looks like an original PlayStation) ready for preliminary wiring. The directional portion of the PCB has one common ground and the four directional signals. The stock Hori microswitches in my FSWii each had their own ground and signal. I was wondering if I could wire the “L” shaped prongs of the microswitches together and hook them up to the ground directional portion of the PCB and the straight prongs to their respective signals on my PCB?

The small diagram is of the PCB (How the original stick was wired and the right portion is how the directional portion of the PCB was laid out.) The picture on the right is of the Hori microswitches and how I wish to wire them as far as the ground signal goes…

Uploaded with


Thank you jdm! :smiley:

Just some further advice to fellow modders, in case it was missed. 39 pages, there’s alot of stuff in there.

**When modding in the JLF stick, keep the original Hori Stick wires that are connected to the PCB Board. Make a wire to wire solder, instead of a wire to solder point. **Cut the original wires at the micro-switches of the Hori Stick, so you can get longer cables. Now strip these original Hori Stick wires about 1 cm, twist and solder this to the JLF harness wires. Then wrap some electrical duct tape over the solder to insulate it.

This is far better and safer than desoldering the Hori Stick wires from the PBC Board. The solder point is quite tiny. And if you stuff up, its not the end, as you can simply de-solder and rejoin the wires.

Right now, for me, everything is working, except Triangle and R2 - as I burnt the copper rings on the PCB. And unfortunately, those rings weren’t the “grounded” ones. So I have to dig through these 39 pages for help. Something along the lines tracing the wiring and soldering at an earlier point.

Anyhow, I hope no one makes any of my mistakes. DON’T BURN OFF THE COPPER CONTACT RINGS on the PCB!!! You can do this by using a proper de-soldering bulb.

Hey does anyone have a diagram of how to wire up the start/turbo pcb to a PS360?
Is there a way to use the turbo button on the Hori FS3 daughter board on the ps360?
i know the turbo and home and the start&select have different grounds can i just bridge these and connect them to the ps360?

Since this is my first time doing anything with electronics and circuit boards any help wud be much appreciated.

Hori Fighting Stick 3 Stock Covers are now available. Fighting Stick 3 covers.html
Pics to come in the next week.

do these have mounting holes? i fucked up the shafts on my hori wii stick.