Modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3

I’ve looked everywhere with no luck. I was hoping someone would direct me to a tutorial or help me with modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3 with sanwa or happ parts. Is this a difficult task?

Any help will be appreciated.


Very Cool man!


that stick is sexy. kinda makes me wanna do one.

Thank you very much, i have 2 coming to me this weekend & i wanted to mod them. What parts do you recomend? which did you use? Please be specific even if you have to give me the site & part numbers because i’m new to this stuff. I want to mod both of mine with really good parts so i can play SSF2T and also my mame machine with UMK3 and other fighting games.

The parts I used for the mod are all genuine Sanwa parts.

1x Sanwa JLF TP-8Y-T w/ wire harness that comes with it.

6x Sanwa OBSF snap ins.

I’d also use if I had the time to… Seimitsus.

Seimitsu LS32 and PS 14 G buttons.

If you want Sanwa parts and fast, go to

If you dont mind waiting, and want some seimitsus, go place an order with Per in Akihabara shop located in the forums.

Are they OBSF-30 or OBSF-24? Are Seimitsu parts worth the wait or is Sanwa just as good?

Seimitsu parts have a different feel, but yes, they are just as good in terms of quality. I suggest looking for the Sanwa and Seimitsu thread made by Paik for more info on the differences between the two companies. It should be in the essential thread.

OBSF 30s are the size youre looking for.

30 millimeters are standard for japanese push buttons.

Mines is a work in progress…

Never even used before the modding began

In this pic, you can see the screws securing the Sanwa to the case. The only mod so far is shaving the bit of plastic in which you screw the 2 together…

Patch made from a cookie tin and a heaving helping of JB Weld

Always thoroughly scuff and clean the metal surfaces to be JB Welded together

Need to buy more sand paper before I continue this build…

Very nice, do you have to rip the top sticker thing off? or is that something that can be salvaged? Also on the second pic, i’m not sure i understand what i should be seeing, is that the new sanwa stick you’ve just put in or is that the stock stick that you’re taking off? where exactly did you shave plastic from? This is a very good tutorial by the way, very good start, at this rate i’ll be modding my hfs3s in no time.

Thank You
Looking forward to the rest of the turorial.

There’s no way the paper (at least mine) can be salvaged so I tossed it.

The 2nd pic is the underside of the control panel where I closed the last two buttons holes (I primered over them so it’s hard to see in the pic.

Here’s what you gotta shave…

Although the attached link is for a Hori Namco stick, some of it applies.

Wow, this is all very helpful. How many sticks have you modded? form the looks you’ve done alot. I can get materials pretty cheap and also i have access to lots of industrial tools, i will design some templates & see if i can produce a couple of sticks, you think people would buy them if it was fairly easy to manufacture custom sticks?

I can’t wait for the next part of this tutorial by the way, great stuff, Thanks Alot

I’m curious as to if I could use a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T as opposed to the JLF-TP-8YT that Kamirasenken used. Is there any major differences aside from the 5-pin header being pre-installed on the PCB? I can’t imagine they’d give a new model number for something as simple as slipping a header onto some pins…

I’ve only had experience with Happs parts so this is pretty much new territory to me. I apologize if I’m not making much sense.

ok im a noob to the entire moding sticks and everything but

is there any possible way to convert the stick to ps2? such as changing the wires or anything? (if thats what you call it? heh…)

I’ve modded my share (maybe 10:wonder:)
Keep in mind that quality, design and durability are of the utmost importance when you decide to make a stick and there’s plenty of room for new builders because, the majority of the forum stick builders have left plenty of room for improvement (even Byrdo has left room for improvement on his museum pieces:sweat:).

Also, I never intended for my FS3 to be a real tutorial piece but, now I’m motivated to take better notes and pics of it’s progression:cool:

Also, what kind of industrial gear do you have access to?

Both have 5-pin headers. The 8YT has an additional metal mounting plate.

It’s EaSy-PeaSy:wgrin:

Since PS3 and PS2 have the same button layouts and share similar construction on many their sticks and controllers, re-wiring them is as easy as connecting the dots (or atleast desoldering and re-solderng the circuit boards and wiring the corresponding buttons between the two).

its pretty straight forward just like what NotANoob81 said. here is a pic of a doa4 stick which is similar to the hfs3, converted to ps dualshock one guts i just finished.

the top 5 buttons are

L1, L2, analog, select, start

play buttons are

square, triangle, R1
x, circle, R2

Very clean, Akuma. EVERYTHING.

Is that the original Sanwa shaft? If so, does the bottom lid close properly? Or maybe you flush mounted the stick to the metal panel yielding a slightly longer than normal shaft?

i use the hori shaft so that i can get the correct shaft height. i just sand down the black plastic thing that hits the restrictor from the sanwa so it fits right. it feels just as solid. i don’t like the feel of a too tall shaft because to me it feels like the throw is bigger.

i didn’t flush mount it to the metal but i think those that have are able to get enough clearance so the bottom of the shaft and doesn’t scrape the bottom metal plate. but doing that just gives you a mm or 2 of longer shaft of top.

if you flush mount a seimitsu ls32 to the metal, i think it would be perfect since the shafts for those are shorter on the top.

This is a modded DOA stick. Here’s what I did:

  • Painted case
  • R1 & R2 buttons on the left and right sides
  • Start & Select in the front
  • Took off the DOA Metal panel and put plexi w/ art
  • Put all sanwa buttons
  • I know people say they just use the Hori stick with a Sanwa gate but I swapped in a whole sanwa because I want it to be the real deal.
  • Also, since it is a Sanwa stick, it sticks out farther than the bottom of the box so I had to extend the casing which I did with liquid plastic.
  • Wired for DC, PS2, and Supergun

I also posted this a couple months ago in the Custom stick thread. This was the second MODDED stick I have done. I usually just build them otherwise.

-Tha Hindu