Modding the Hori Fighting Stick Wii


I planned to mod my wii stick to an wireless 360 stick. I have an doubt in this process. Wii stick has 8 turbo function buttons, is it possible for me to use those turbo buttons in 360 controller or is it specific to controller type.


Is there another thread devoted to modding the Hori Wii stick? I couldn’t find one. I myself did a simple mod on a Wii stick - I swapped the buttons and stick for Sanwa parts. It was my first more complex modification requiring substantial reshaping of the parts/case. Had a lot of fun doing it, too.


Hey bro what parts you used…Im going to use JLF-TP-8YT, OBSF-30 buttons and octogonal restrictor… Did the buttons fit easily in the hole or u made it bigger… could you please give me some insight about this… mostly I will be modding mine by this saturday…


Seems to outline it pretty well. You have to widen the holes for the new buttons and you need to mod the JLF pretty bad. I’d suggest trying to put the JLF into the hori mounting bracket to avoid all that.


Thanks for the link bro… So what about the turbo function…will I be able to use it without any modification or its of no use…


Probably. Most turbo buttons are just a 555 timer.


Here’s my Wii to wireless PS3 total conversion build log.

You can use it as a starting reference for types of effort and tools/material needed for your mod.

Unless your PCB supports turbo function, you cannot use those sliders.

I believe you can do a wireless 360 mod to the Wii stick. It will be very tight inside and for sure you will need to remove the trigger assembly (resisters needed to account for removal of triggers) so its only RAW PCB otherwise it won’t fit.

You may need to extend the wires to the battery, I don’t think Wii has enough height clearance to have the battery sit underneath the PCB, you most likely need to lay the battery and the PCB side by side. Also you need to extend the wires to the charging port so you can charge the battery and the wires to the headset port if you want to use the live headset or buy an extender (2.5mm) from and run the headset wire to the side panel.

I think this is going to be a challenging mod but I do believe its doable.

Best of luck and post pictures or procedures when you are done.


ty bro…Im good to go then…just need to solder…


Im going to use the new common ground wireless PCB… I hope its good enough for turbo…

I will post pics once I finish everything…

EDIT: Thanks for the link…Its already in my bookmark :smiley:


I’ve been following this thread since it started and I think I might try this as well (I’m growing impatient waiting for available 360 sticks…), so if don’t mind sharing your process… I’d greatly appreciate it.


Sure Memory…I’ll post some pics on saturday…hope that will be useful…
Right now I disassembled the wii stick and 360 controller… I will start to work only by friday evening…


Awesome, I just received my wii fighting stick today. I figured I’d wait till I receive my other parts (Stick, buttons, etc.) before I start. Looking forward to the pics!


This should be interesting. If you can pull this off I will do this mod too. Apparently Indigentia proved you can put Sanwa stick and buttons in there. Switching out the board though will prove tricky. Please post good pics. I hope this works.


I’ll be getting a Wii Hori in this week sometime that I plan on modding to a 360 wired pad with sanwa parts. I have a Japanese mid-term on Friday so I might not be able to get at it until Saturday(or early in the week if I get it early). I’ll probably take some pictures of the process. I plan on using the Hori mounting bracket instead of cutting up the JLF(shame on you people ;)) though.

It seems like a super easy mod and a super cheap alternative to customs or other mods(maybe not a stock 360 hori ex2 mod, but even those are selling for a ridiculous amount right now).


Its coming out quite good… I feel quite hard fitting the 360 pcb…not enough space…
I finished soldering and desoldering works…


^ pics? Will you be using quick disconnects?


I seem to recall reading somewhere the fact being mentioned that while placing Sanwa buttons in these Hori Wii sticks required widening of the holes a bit, Seimitsu buttons fit in there with no widening needed at all. Can anyone confirm this? I’m sure the metal tabs still have to be ground down, but is any further widening needed?


No need to widen the holes for Sanwa buttons. The holes are going to be very tight because Sanwa buttons have additional plastic tabs near the top of the button. I would recommend using exacto knife and trim down the plastic tabs near top of the sanwa buttons than widening the holes.


I havnt got the sanwa parts yet… Instead of waiting for that I made connections to the existing hori buttons… All buttons are working fine on dashboard…But when I load the SF4 game X,Y and RB buttons are not working… No idea about this… Any1 had problem like this… any suggestions…