Modding the MadCatz SSF4 TE FightStick S?

Hi, does anyone know where to find a guide on how to do this? All the guides or resources I found were only for the older fightstick where there is a panel, but I have no idea how to open this up to even switch/clean buttons!

Its the exact same as the other guides
nothing has changed
at all

just the design

…is exactly the same as modding the regular TE.

The thing is, I try to lift the panel by pulling on the joystick, after taking out all the screws of course, but it doesn’t come off. The design seems like it’s glued to the case. BTW I’ve never modded a round 2 stick. Only SE.

It’s got a double sided tape around the border of the top. Just be sure to pull it off gently.

Oh cool thanks! Now what about the design? I don’t know where/how to print it :frowning:

You can use any template on the TE-S as you would other TE sticks. The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING! has all three templates, regular (Size of original Madcatz artwork), extended (Artwork extended to bezel), or Full Panel (Artwork filling the whole panel, like the TE-S).

If you want to use the Regular sized artwork, though, you must buy a Madcatz bezel, so you’ll probably want the extended or the full panel. You can order artwork with a plexiglass cut from