Modding the madcatz te edition stick


hi, i noticed that when i play at the arcade i feel that the stick is just so much more better and easier to use. but when i use my te edition stick i feel that it is not quite the same. do i have to change some octaganal gate or JLF or i don’t know what the hell do i got to do? any help will be gladly appreciated.

thanks a lot


Send me you TE, you are not worthy.


You might be more use to the parts they use at your arcade. Are they Happ?


basically you are more than likely into the stiffer spring set-up that is in the HAPP joysticks. give it time, but if you cannot get used to it on the TE you can always switch the spring inside the Sanwa and make it a little more stiff.

but doing so will void your warranty…


Not if they go through the top it won’t.


what are you talking about, all he needs is a JLF sanwa octo gate installed by Geek Squad


Depends… are you in a Japanese Arcade or an American one?

It should be obvious if the stick you are using at home and the stick in the arcade is completely different, so I’m going to assume that you are talking about a stick similar to the one in the TE…

If you go to an arcade and the sticks there feel better or easier to use, most likely it’s due to the fact that they have taken a beating and the spring is a lot looser. I felt a difference when I bought my JLF and went to Arcade Infinity in SoCal – neither are better or worse comparitively, but they are different. My JLF is much stiffer, but AI’s is a bit softer. If you care, then perhaps you need to change the spring.


I think more than likely you’re looking for a HAPP-style joystick, with a stiffer spring, as “korie” mentioned above. The MAS Systems stick I use feels quite different compared to my friend’s TE to say the least.