Modding the Madcatz Tournament Edition SFIV PS3 Fightstick

Hello SRK Forums. I am planning to add on a Brook Universal Fighting Board to the TE1 PS3 Fightstick because I want to play on PC and Xbox One, my question is, is it recommended to do so? I read here somewhere that the USB for this stick is picky, so my thoughts are that it might not work even if I added the UFB. Please let me know your thoughts.

If you install a different pcb like the brook boards it will work on xbox one / series x, and the picky usb issue will be gone. That said if xbox and pc are your target you might aswell buy the brook xbox board witch is a bit cheaper.

Theres a good video by vicko on youtube that shows how to install the ufb into a similar ps3 madcatz stick, the madcatz VS, witch is identical in terms of wireing.

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The original PS3 TE stick had a terrible quality USB cable (along with other electronic components) and I’d definitely recommend replacing it when installing your new PCB.

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The USB cable is different in the MadCatz VS, as is the home panel, button breakout board, and electrical components.

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Thank you for the replies. I decided to go with the UFB by Brook. Is there a specific soldering material you guys recommend to use for the Brook board? Also, if you have done the UFB mod yourself, do you have any additional tips? Thanks again.

I think “picky usb” refers to the uhci usb protocol issue on pc in this case. Also other then the start and select buttons not beeing grounded to the lockout switch, i dont see how the turbopanel is different, i certainly rollowed the guidelines in the above video to swap out the pcb out of my own te r1 ps3 and it turned out fine.

Regarding soldering equipment, im using a ksger t12 witch works great for me. It can be found cheap too.