Modding the Neo Geo Stick 3?

Hi all,

So I picked up a Neo Geo Stick 3 the other day for the PS2 (ref:

So far so good, the buttons and joystick are all responsive, but I feel some tweaks would definitely improve the feel of this thing. Has anybody modded a Neo Geo Stick 3 or 2 with any Sanwa/Seimitsu parts? For that matter, does anybody know what stock parts the Neo Geo Stick uses?

I already own a HRAP2 with all Sanwa parts, but its just that I own and play so many SNK games, that playing with a Neo Geo stick gives me a rush of nostalgia.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

It has Seimitsu parts already. While they aren’t even close to the best, they are serviceable. The joystick is a variation of the LS-30 rotary joystick used in Ikari Warriors and the buttons are some Seimitsu 20mm ones.

Thanks for the reply, do you have any suggestions as to which parts I could look at for a quick swap? I’d love to have superior parts (Sanwa or Seimitsu) to replace the stock Seimitsu parts you mentioned, as long as I can install them without too much fuss.


Sorry for bringing this thread back, I’ve never really preformed any joystick alterations myself… well, I have modded my HRAP2 according to the awesome tutorial here, but it was more or less a straightforward step-by-step procedure thanks to the crystal clear descriptions and directions.

Modding and fiddling around with the Neo Geo Stick 3 is completely foreign territory, I would love to do it, but only if I can pick up some superior buttons + a joystick that will fit in without too much trouble.

Again, all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!