Modding the Shadowblade

Ok, I have a Shaodwblade stick, and I actually love it more than any other stick I’ve used (yes, including Hori and Real Arcade), except for one thing. The joystick itself is a piece of junk. But the case seems to shallow to put in most of the stock sticks that I’ve seen around.

Anyone have any idea what kind of stick might fit in there/other ideas?

Someone help a noob out. I seem to be the only person who owns one of these things.

pics of the shadowblade?

Didn’t someone post a pic in the “I love my custom stick” thread of one of these modded? I’ll try to find it.

Heres a pic of how opips mounted a jlf a pic of the whole stick modded is at the

Damn. Just found it, but beat to the punch lol. Good luck with the mod!