Modding TvC stick to work on PS3 and/or 360

So how would I go about this and what’s the best solution? Does it work exactly the same way as dual modding a SF4 SE? (Use ChimpSMD/PS360 PCB?)

Is the wiring different than if I used a PS3 / 360 fightstick.

its easy enough to do, just link the two corresponding button signals for ps3 to wii via soldering to the main tvc board and follow the golden rules and you’ll be good

fun thing is the tvc’s barrier strip is the same one they use for a ps3, so the signals will be stated on the barrier strip and will match a normal layout

Does it matter which one is the ground?

and how does this work for the guide button and joystick.

Not to big on the turbo, lock, and the one that chooses the stick.
but it would be nice if they worked.

I have a cthuhulu btw.

Firslty, cthulhu’s wont work with the turbo or the stick selector. You’d have to find (or make) a solder point to access the home terminal which is easy enough.

If you were using the barrier strip, you’d have to test and make sure the side you’re using isn’t ground. Just take your multimeter and touch the two adjacent points beside each other to test which side of the barrier strip is ground and solder your signals to your corresponding points for your button signals afterwards

As for the joystick, you’d have to piggyback directly onto the board itself. The board states which signals are which.

Finally link the vcc on the TVC stick to the vcc on your cthulhu. I forget which of the red wires from the wii cable are you supposed to solder to though.

in short, it works identically to any other dual mod you may have to do

i have successfully done this mod.
it is pretty straight forward

without Sparky Jr RGB LED