Modding X-arcade

Sorry for my bad spelling and grammer

I want to mod my x-arcade with some happ parts but i really have no clue how to do that kind of stuff. I heard they use to include how to replace parts in the instruction manuel but i checked mine and nothing like that was there. Could i just follow the SFAC Happ Mod if not is there a better link i can follow? also where can i get those black hole plugs(i wanna take out those stupid buttons at the bottom) same place as the happ parts?

thx in advance

yes and yes

I bought all my happ parts, including those neat hole plugs, from the official site:

It should not be any more complicated than modding the SFAC, which i’ve done. Just a matter of removing the stock buttons of the X-arcade, crimping on new wire disconnects and putting in the new buttons. Arcade stick monk’s guide should be fine.

Zero soldering is required, just use quick disconnects. Same for replacing the stick with Happ Competition.

It should be even simpler than the SFAC mod. The X-Arcade I had awhile back already had disconnects so you can just replace the buttons one at a time. Take the disconnects of the X-Arcade switches then put then on the Cherrys that come with the Happ buttons, then pop out the X-Arcade button and pop in the Happ one. Then do the same for the stick and your all set.

Order from ponyboy or Lizard Lick though, because Happ official shipping is killer. A lot of sites sell Happ stuff cheaper than Happ sells it anyway.