Modding X-Gaming adapters for other systems?

OK, so I was able to pick up an X-Arcade twin stick and adapters very lightly used for a good price. It came with the 5 in 1 adapter, another PS2 adapter, and a PS2->360 adapter. Coupled with the my CronusMax, I can use this stick on pretty much every system I own except 2, my original Xbox and Saturn. I bought this adapter to use on the xbox but it apparently wont work w/ the xarcade PS2 connection (even though the PS2 adapter works fine w/ the 360 adapter and my EMS DC adapter). I did notice that the X-Gaming adapter does not have pins on 3 and 8, which from what I read are not needed anyway, but maybe this adapter requires them for some reason? The adapter works just fine with my DS2 controller though. I’ve also found the ToToTek saturn adapter which others have tested w/ X-Arcade and have reported it to work but I wont to get this Xbox thing straightened out before I go ordering more adapters.

So, my question is, does anyone know anything about possibly modding these adapters to use on other systems? The 5 in 1 has a GC plug that I wont be using, but I dont think I can just rewire that for xbox. I also have this extra PS2 adapter I wouldnt mind hacking up if I need to. Does anyone have any info they can help me out with? I looked into getting another board but felt that the money it would cost to get and install the board and make new cables wasnt worth it for just 2 systems.

On the PCB level I’ve never seen anything like that.

This adapter would most likely -do something-, but the question is, would the original Xbox be able to read the controller or not.
I’m guessing there might be issues.

The original Xbox duke controller would work on the PC if you bought an adapter or took the wires apart yourself and re-wired the wires around (I think this was done intentionally to limit use to Xboxes) as it was just crossed connections, but you still needed a driver. Probably not of much help though.

One thing to remember is that the original Xbox controller was more or less a USB hub with two MU slots and the controller itself (3 downstream devices).

I just read your original post again.
Your adapter does not have a USB connector? I thought Xarcades all came with USB these days, or am I missing something?

The gaming adapters do not have USB connections but the main unit does. I do have one of those USB->Xbox cables buried somewhere but I figured it wouldn’t be much help since the USB output of the X-Arcade sends keyboard presses and not controller input. I guess I can give it a go but I’m not getting my hopes up.

OK I tested it out. The joystick works in the dashboard (probably because its sending kb directional presses) but none of the other buttons work so thats not going to work. I think the issue I’m having can be traced back to the adapter. Stick directly to PS2 is fine. Stick w/ PS2->DC or 360 adapter work fine. PS2 controller on the xbox adapter works fine. But stick PS2 + xbox adapter not fine. Only thing I can think of is it wont recognize it because of missing pin 3 on the stick ps2 connection? The connector does not have pin 8 (which from what I understand is not needed and later official PS2 controllers do not have at all) and pin 3 for rumble motors. Maybe the adapter sees that this pin isnt connected and isnt passing the signal through for some reason? I guess I can try to find a way to bypass it or jump it but this kind of thing really isnt my strong suit. I pulled the adapter apart but I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. I tried doing some searching and it looks like the same or similar board is used in a lot of other PS2->xbox/gc adapters so maybe someone more familiar with the board has run across this before?

Why are you using an X-arcade anyway? It’s a piece of shit, IMO

The 1 player solo and tankstick are good for modding only (as long as the start button isn’t absurdly placed 1 inch from a punch button) . Remove the crappy buttons and Happs super clone sticks, then throw in some IL sticks and Cherry switches, and you actually have a pretty decent wood cabinet !

Then ditch the xarcade encoder and add an Ultimarc I-pac or console PCB. You said you have the CronosMax so I guess you’re set there.

I used to do work for them. I had to deal with laggy adapters and other crap like start buttons half an inch from HK. To be brutally fair, their issues with multiple button presses (think Zangief KKK/PPP) registering was more a USB/PS2/keyboard input issue as every emulator was affected (Mame, Callus, Finalburn, everything. Even Sardu back in the day admitted this was a PC problem and not a problem with his emulator (Callus)). Xarcade tried to compensate for it but it added so much input lag it made the controller unusable. I think they reverted it. Ultimarc (Ipac) managed to compensate by adding a buffering frame which didn’t destroy the response completely, then later, Microsoft made a USB update (probably due to X360 ports) which made PPP/KKK register everywhere, even on keyboards.

Anyway, sorry if I’m getting off topic but I highly suggest you just mod the x-arcade with a new PCB (Ipac or even a Brook Ultimate fighting board) and some IL sticks. The routing is incompatible with Sanwa and Seimitsu stuff (Though I heard there may be ways to get one to fit), but I think you will save yourself a lot of frustration that way. My Xarcade tankstick is already modded with an I-pac and IL sticks, but I don’t use it since its cumbersome to move around. The Qanba Q4raf with a Brook UFB and Madcatz TE are so much easier to work with and enjoy!

Yeah i knew that would eventually come up if I asked about this stick on this board. Im using it because like I said earlier I got it and the adapters for cheap (less than $80). Im not ready to drop too much money into this whole thing just yet. I already own a Cronus max so for under $80 I got a stick that worked on all my systems except 2. I was hoping this $7 adapter would do the trick for my xbox since it works fine w/ my ps2-> DC adapter and the 360 adapter. And I think at this point I’m ok with putting in a bit of work to figure this out than spending $40 for the “official” adapter from X-Gaming.

X-arcade controller boards and X-arcade adapters are crap.

I understand that X-Arcade sticks are not looked on favorably on this board. But they exist, some people use them, and are ok with them. I’m not really looking for opinions on them, was just hoping I could get some help w/ some technical questions.

And those people I have to say don’t know any better.

Well technical questions gets answered with what amounts to a technical opinion.
You don’t go to the doctors office for medical treatment without getting his or her medical opinion on the subject.

My technical and professional opinion is not use their converters and to gut the encoder board out and replace it with something that works.
The overall performance, reliability and compatibility is suspect for all of X-arcade’s electronics. The Buttons and Joystick is sub-par quality too.
If you want your X-arcade stick to work Falkentyne is right, gut the stick and put a board in there that works correctly.

There also the converter compatibility thread, seven years and 39 pages of user submitted results.

Many of the earlier models didn’t have USB

Pictured here is a DB9 connector for X-arcade’s “Adapters” and a PS/2 keyboard connector.

As many people have have said, you’re better off replacing the parts and using a new PCB.

Yeah but if I go to a Dr I expect him to say more than just “Your heart sucks and you’re gonna die”

OK anyway, think I might have found something. I noticed that the 2 adapters it does work with (Total Control and Xtokki) state PSX/PS2 compatible, while the Xbox adapter only states PS2. I’m thinking the X-gaming adapter actually identifies as a PS1 controller, which just happens to be compatible w/ PS2 and Xtokki, so it’s not a “true” PS2 adapter and the reason why the PS2->Xbox adapter wont recognize it. I found the Mayflash X Joy Box says it supports PSX/PS2 so I’m going to give that a try, hopefully that solves the issue.

I may get around to putting new boards in this thing at some point. But right now I’m just trying to avoid paying more for new boards than I paid for the whole stick and adapters together. Actually at that point I would just build a whole new stick and give this one to my kid, but that will be down the road.

you wont find much love for x-arcade round here but I have a tankstick and use it from time to time.

I threw 2 Multi-Console Cthulhus into it and replaced the sticks/buttons… but before I swapped em out I liked how it felt…

cant go wrong with that PCB though… 35 bux and works with lots o stuff.