Model Clipping


Jesus christ this shit is annoying! The amount of clipping in this game just reeks of laziness. We got Birdie’s chain going into his body, Laura’s hair falling into her shoulder, and Ken’s hair clipping into his bicep. There are so many examples!

I seriously doubt any of this is ever going to get fixed. Is anyone else bothered by this?

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Yeah… I think everyone is. I was listening to UltraChen’s last show and Tasty Steve/Sajam were saying everything word for word. Sajam mentioned this to one of the Capcom reps sometime last year at a gameshow and received snarky remarks and dirty looks for it… yet nothing has been fixed. Also why the fuck is Ken’s teeth more yellow than Ryu’s dirty gi?


Did mention it in my bugs/malfunctions list on Capcom Unity. Hopefully they come through eventually.


I feel like it was something they had every intention of fixing, but the resources for it were put into emergency-patching the netcode and P2 physics at launch. But yeah, this shit is idiotic. It’s one thing in SF4 when portraits are 2D and you can only see the model clipping if you look close during a match, but here the models are placed so prominently and they still couldn’t be arsed to improve them.

Some other treasures involve Necalli’s hair positioning for the loading frames of rounds 2 and 3 and Cammy recovering from hitstun in a crouch state causing her hair to sometimes flip the fuck out and begin braiding itself.


I think it would have been much more convenient to use pre-baked physics instead of real-time.

I don’t mean they should animate cloth by hand; just run the animation through a more precise software and record the resulting animation of bones for cloth physics.


For the VS screen, yes. Ingame should use real time physics like it does right now. Rashid an Karin look so great in motion with their clothes moving around realistically.


But they can prebake that with no problem, too. The only reasons to use real-time would be to make the clothes react to weather and similar effects (none of which seem to be present in the game) or to achieve a flow between motions (which can’t really work well in a game with cancels).

Unless they plan to add real-time wind or real-time motion transitions there’s no reason to use real-time physics at all.


I still don’t understand how they have not fixed the gravity bug at the player select screen for P2. With these physics engines they use, it is literally a constant value that you just set a variable to. I’ve changed gravity in Unity3D on a mobile game I made and it is literally a number value you change.

I also don’t understand how there is video footage that was shown before the game was released of the clipping issue of Ken’s hair in the vs. screen being fixed, but it’s nearly May and none of the updates have fixed it yet. What version of the game were they running before launch that still isn’t in our hands?

All this shit though I just chalk up to Capcom being Capcom.


Pre-baked animation isn’t without faults. The transitions would be instantaneous. Something as simple as walking back and forth with long haired character won’t look nearly as good.


They will never fix this imo


In actually matches I don’t mind it 2 much but on the character screen its almost embarrassing, for capcom and for me cause I spent money on such an unfinished game, but yeah I doubt it will ever get fixed it seems like capcom don’t care about the reputation of there company at all


Rumor has it that they treat this game like their red headed step child because it didn’t make the sales they were expecting…


Good point. What about Rashid’s V-Trigger though? I’ve never paid any attention to it now that I think about it but there’s a possibility the tornado affects some stuff.

Also, I just remembered that Mika’s win pose can also be quite messed up due to physics, with her hair either being in front of her face or going straight through her arms and such.


It’s their own fault it didn’t, and they deserve whatever comes their way


These pointless goddamn threads should just be hit with spam and ignored.

Seriously, this isn’t even a discussion that needs to be had. Yes clipping is annoying. Make a post about it in the general thread and move the fuck on.

This is as dumb as the “Are Colors Too Much of A Grind?” thread.


You are no one to determine what discussions need to be had, so if you don’t like it shut the fuck up and get the fuck out…


Well, I think we just found out who is responsible for the clipping.


holy shit its dagger g


Regarding the Ken clipping issue, that wasn’t even in the betas. It wasn’t in any build of the game until the retail build came out. Which makes no damn sense.


That’s definitely not true, it was clearly there in the beta, with many posts on this forum complaining about it.