Moderator updates from Mr. Wizard

If you didnt’ see the announcement Wizard is looking for nominations for moderators. We could use some cleanup on the blanka forums and i think we should nominate someone here. I personally think Mullah is a great choice. He posts on these boards frequently and he also has been blanka since day one. He plays his character at a high level and understands him well. There are other choices from newer guys but considering how devoted Mullah has been here i’d use him as my suggestion. I woudl probably have said viscant before but i think he’s more focused on DJ at the moment.

i nominate you.

Honestly I’m not the best Blanka player, but I think i’d be good for the job. I frequently check the subforum, I’m trying harder than anyone to push new Blanka tech forward, I moderate another forum with ~1000 users, and I already have an idea of what to do to move the subforum forward.

I wouldn’t object to Mullah though. Him and ilitirit would be my choices if it wasn’t me.

I nominate Veserius.

nomination thread.

thank you foxisquick, i appreciate the vote of confidence, especially after my recent bashing for being anti-blanka :slight_smile: Whilst i would like to be a mod just so i could help out and keep things in order i simply don’t have the capacity to do it right now. I have a full time 8-6.30 job, gym and a wife so i only check srk at work and i wouldn’t be doing either justice if i did 2 jobs at once! When i come home after the gym i’m torn between wife + xbox so the internet doesn’t get a look in.

Ves and ilitirit are the most dedicated blanka mainers when it comes to creating new Blanka techniques. They’re both easy going and i think they’ll be fair when people act up. They also have a sense of humour which is always a bonus! I would nominate them, if this was for a blanka tournament i’d nominate myself >:-) FWIW i think foxisquick and maybe 2 others would be fine too

I don’t really mind who moderates, as long as they’re fairly active. I nominated Veserius.


i vote ilitirit, ves and mullah (i dont care if you are not able to do it :wink:

maybe all 3 can be mods! why not?

i nominated mullah more then anyone because he posts more then everyone, has been a member on srk for more then like 2 days, and has been a blanka poster/player for as long as i’ve seen.

I’ll do it.

Everyone else is busy talking about not being able to do it.

I just noticed this and am down for the cause.

I nominate Veserius and The Mullah


People need to start reading threads :lol:

whats teh tldr version of taht quote?

i vote Ves n Illitirit