Modern Family, aka Married...With Children 2.0


Best new show of the season so far. Ed O’Neill, the best guy from that show The Class, hot teenage daughter.

Style is similar to Arrested Development, but the tone is different, more accessible.

Anyone else catch it?


I missed it (since I don’t watch ABC), but I’ll torrent it or something once I get home. Even though Al Bundy’s been on TV since MWC, I’m glad to see him return again.


“she said PHIL, not FEEL”

This show is awesome.


i forgot to check this out and I didn’t even know Ed O’Neill is on the show so it’s a definite must watch now. Married with Children is the greatest sit com of all time and Ed O’Neill is god.


GDLK show, one of the best new series to come out this year.


I normally can’t stand comedies, but this was excellent. Well written and it’s got sofia fuckin’ vergara.


ya, it has great potential

boston legal chick is hawt


Very good pilot. I laughed a lot when Phil said, “Lilly, wont that be hard for her to pronounce?”


“turn it off…I meant the song”


Haven’t seen it. I’m sure it’s good tho.


Is this watchable on ABC’s website? I missed it.


Did not even hear of this…but thanks to this thraed, I’ll have it shortly.


It’s on hulu


yea it looked like a pretty stupid idea but i dvr’d it anyway

2nd favorite new show of the season so far behind flashforward

community i thought would be good but 0 for 2 now


flash forward looks decent but i hate it already

it reminds me of the shit like Lost and Heroes and all those other ‘action’ tv shows that turn into convoluted and pointless mystery-dramas that take themselves way too seriously and every episode is a ‘cliff-hanger’ that goes nowhere and amounts to nothing

fuck it


Al Bundy got a divorce and married a Spanish broad with a kid. Kelly is a stay-at-home mom who is afraid of her daughter being a slut like she us to be. Bud finally came out the closet. Pretty much MWC 2.0; however, it’s still funny.


Definitely on my new watch list. The pilot was pretty great.

The death of Arrested Development left a void that will never be filled, but this is a good start.

Community is kind of meh. I love Chevy Chase though, so I’ll watch it.

My girl likes that Cougartown so I’ll end up watching that too probably. I was at least pleasantly surprised that it was a comedy and not a Sex and the City rip off.


i’m hoping its not that. i love lost but if i started watching it from season 1 i’d given up on it by now.

i started halfway through season 5 so i got to catch up quickly

one thing though ABC knows how to mess up shows. they had ugly betty which was super popular then they started messing around with its schedule and having long breaks and now no one cares about it. they did the same thing to lost around season 3.


If you like those, check out The L Word.

Yeah, ABC is garbage. I wish a real network got ahold of this show.


I literally said that I’d wait until an SRK thread popped out before I checked this show out:rofl:

But I’ll totally give it a look after I watch Eastwick.